High Cosmic Drama Ahead August 18 2015

Look what is coming up ahead. Tuesday August 11th Jupiter entered the sign of Virgo and will be there until September of 2016.  The Sun moves into the sign of Virgo on August 23rd and we have a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 13th. 

Jupiter is the planet of good luck and good fortune but we have to stretch beyond our comfort zones or take risks to receive Jupiter's gifts.  This means we will have better luck if we strive for Virgo qualities.  So what is the energy and qualities of Virgo? Watching what we eat, getting organized, saving our money, being of service to others in a healthy way, and taking an honest look at what we need to do improve ourselves. 

We don't have to be perfect or change everything at once, baby step are completely permissible.  The Sun moving into Virgo on the 23rd of August and the Solar Eclipse on September 13th backs this Jupiter in Virgo energy up. 

In addition, there is a strong Libra & Aries Energy. 

We have a Lunar Eclipse on September 27th.  This means the Sun will be in Libra and the full moon will be in the sign of Aries.  Lunar Eclipses' bring what was hidden to light and full moons bring situations to a head.  Some of us will realize we may be too self absorbed (Aries energy) and some of us may realize we are getting lost in others and their problems (Libra energy).  So some of us may need to get into service work to get out of ourselves and some of us may need to pick up a copy of Codependent No More.