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A Celestial Season: The 2019 Zodiac Gift Guide

A Celestial Season: The 2019 Zodiac Gift Guide

Need a present for your Aries boss? Or a gift for the Gemini woman in your life? Our store roots are based in Astrology, and it is still one of our first loves.

This year promises to be a stellar season of celestial delights as our forecast for the perfect gift ideas for every sun sign proves. Check out our custom curated Astrology Gift Guide below:

Aries are brave, impulsive, and sometimes impatient. They like being first, and if you really want to impress them, buy only new goods. Their element is fire, so a cozy smelling candle is totally appropriate. Our Goji Tarocco Orange Embossed Glass Jar Candle would be perfect, as this rich and enticing scent energizes action-oriented Aries.

Aries’ pairs well with magical crystals like Red Jasper, making this Circles of Power Talisman Necklace a lucky gift. The book, The Magic, would appeal to Aries’ own powerful nature. Aries rules the head and loves a challenge, so this 101 Power Thoughts Audio CD is an ideal gift.

Aries really needs to learn to slow down and concentrate, making this Focus Essential Oil Blend a much needed gift. Wrap your gifts in shiny paper. And if you really want to drive them crazy, put “do not open until Christmas” on their present.

Earthy Taurus is stable, dependable, and affectionate. They have strong values and crave luxury and security. If you want to make Taurus happy, go for quality—how does it feel and smell—like our sublime Lavender Spa Mask with its luxurious faux fur and refreshing scent.

Taurus governs property and money, and they have a strong attachment to their things. The Money Magic “Circles of Power” Talisman Necklace is perfect for them because it allows them to attract wealth and prosperity whenever they’re wearing it.

Steady Taurus rules the throat and can be prone to laryngitis and soreness, especially during times of high stress. This Peppermint + Sea Salt Detoxing Bath Soak would make Taurus glow and balance them out after a hard day. And our Archangel Raphael Spray will bring much needed healing and relief.

Geminis like variety and stimulating conversation. This quick-witted sign is adaptable and always on the move—mentally, physically, and in spirit. If you want to please a Gemini for the holidays, you’ll have to think way outside of the box. Try appealing to their communicative nature with a book that promotes self-awareness like Tune In by Sonia Choquette, or add a burst of fun with a packet of Flying Wish Paper.

The Gemini element is air, and being ruled by Mercury, their freedom-loving nature is generally attracted to things with wings. This Snowy Owl Dreamcatcher will fit right in to their decor. The promise of new knowledge excites them, too. Try The Akashic Tarot to entice their spiritual side.

After all that stimulation, even fun-loving Gemini will need to wind down. These delightful Epsom Salt Crystal Bath Bombs can help them relax.

Tender Cancer has a soft heart and a sensitive soul. If you want to woo this Moon-ruled sign over the holidays, show them you care. Try giving them something soft at Christmas, like this light and airy Cotton Pool Wrap or our Really Big Bashful Unicorn.

If it’s a Cancer woman on your list, remember that her dominant element is emotional water with this Fountain Diffuser. Or help her adorn her home with this stunning collector’s Pearlized Ammonite Fossil.

Cancer’s color is silvery blue and green, like the ocean or this Silk Eye Pillow in teal. Let their watery nature guide them with our Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards.

Leo is ruled by the sun, and they’ll make sure you know it! Powerful and bold, they like flash and extravagance. Play to their sunny disposition with these gift ideas—Daily Joy from National Geographic, or some Orange Selenite tumbles. Or appeal to their indomitable spirit with sacred and sunny Palo Santo Sticks or this Tiger Eye Bracelet for protection and balance.

Leo rules the heart with fire as their element. You could hardly do better than the Pyrite Crystal Candle and Awaken Your Inner Fire by HeatherAsh Amara.

When all else fails, their symbol—the lion—is sure to impress. Our regal Egyptian Bastet figure is right on track.

Modest Virgo is down-to-earth, but their detail-oriented nature and need to serve can leave them frazzled at times. The Book of Crystal Grids works with that powerful sense of order instead of against it, while the Buddha Board Original might help them relax and reset through the new year. Or better yet, some French Lavender Essential Oil can settle those nerves with its natural fragrance.

Of course, their symbol, the Virgin, represents their pure motives and noble hearts. Virgos need to keep it simple. The Hygge Life is sure to inspire the Virgo in your life, as will the Mokara Embossed Glass Jar Candle.

If you want to appease a Virgo, you must appeal to their practical nature. Stick to something that reflects their devotion to peace and structure, like our Fluorite Tumbles or the Overcoming Fears CD from Louise Hay.

Libra loves beauty and harmony. This old soul is a true romantic that exudes style. Libra girls will love everything to do with fashion and makeup, like this All for Love Accessory Pouch from Papaya. Pinks, blues, and purples are Libra’s prime colors. Dress your Libra up in the Cat Naps Footsies or the Amethyst Mala for spirit connection and protection.

The rose is sentimental Libra’s flower. Our beautiful Rose Petal Sachet will please their sense of romance. And this Watermoon Quan Yin figure will appeal to their love of beauty and their softer side. 

Libra can overindulge at times, and they rule the kidneys. All-natural care is an important practice for this air sign. High Vibrational Beauty by Kerrilyn Pamer will help them stick to beauty practices that nourish them body and soul.

Dark and lovely, enigmatic Scorpio is mysterious and intense. Ruled by Pluto, and ruling the eighth house of death and the occult, Scorpio is drawn to those things others shrink from. Give your Scorpio something they can sink their tail into, like the Healing Light Tarot or the Angelarium Oracle of Emanations.

Scorpio style is dark and edgy. Try our Hematite Wrap Bracelet or the Shungite Necklace in Crescent Moon, which can bring them the psychic protection they need. And for even more balance, give them some Black Tourmaline Chunks or the Collect Anxiety Aromatherapy Roller Ball.

The eternal optimists of the zodiac, Sagittarius is freedom seeking, adventurous, and full of boundless energy. If you want to keep your Sagittarius enthused in the coming year, give them the 100 Journeys For The Spirit which will inspire their love of travel. And further spark their interest in faraway places with a journal like the Celestial Journey Journal that represents a philosophy any Sagittarius is sure to adopt.

Sagittarius are known for their love of the great outdoors. So, they’ll need a Joy Wander Bottle for their hikes and adventures. But if your Sag is sticking close to home, satisfy their craving for fantasy and freedom with our Oracle of the Unicorns.

Their symbol, the Archer, is part horse, which appeals to their wanderlust nature. This Unicorn Follow Your Dreams Tote will bring a smile to any Sagittarius’ face.

Faithful Capricorn will get what they want through hard work, wisdom, and a steady eye on the prize. Natural manifestors, Capricorns will love this book, It Works, by RHJ. Or the powerful opportunities they’ll attract with our Picture Jasper Tumbles.

To settle them down and appeal to their spirit, get Capricorn a Himalayan Salt Lamp, as earth is their ruling element. Or go for a Mind Body Soul Diffuser and Sandalwood Essential Oil. For the home, try the Amber Black Vanilla Candle from Lafco, whose rich and earthy aroma is sure to please them.

Proud Aquarius is assertive and independent, but ever friendly. Their magical stone is amethyst and any Aquarius would love our Amethyst Cluster Candle Holder. Better yet, get them the Amethyst Wind Chime or a Soji Crystal Elixir Water Bottle in amethyst to go with it!

Aquarius is progressive and not afraid to push limits. They’ll love getting spiritual with products like Black Moon Astrology Cards, or Magickal Astrology by Skye Alexander. And when their idyllic nature causes them some anxiety in a non-idyllic world, help them relax with Stress Less Essential Oil Blend or Dried Lavender.

Pisces dives deep, being the mystical, imaginative, and intuitive sign that they are. Help them find tools for their spiritual inclinations with A Survival Guide for Those Who Have Psychic Abilities by Lisa Anne Rooney, or Dodging Energy Vampires by Christiane Northrup M.D., or our Guardian Angel Spray.

A water sign, Pisces’ symbol is the double fish, so anything water related should comfort them. Try the Dreamweaver Bath Balm, or the All for Love Ceramic Mug, or our Moon Goddess Figurine for the home.

Whether you buy from our collections, or simply let them inspire you, shopping by the zodiac is a surefire way to please everyone on your holiday list this year.


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