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A Crystal Grid to Clear Space for a New Start

A Crystal Grid to Clear Space for a New Start

Crystal grids are powerful tools for change that combine crystals, sacred geometry, and intention for measurable results. You can create a crystal grid for almost any reason.

Working with the energy of the new moon in Aries that is coming up, and considering this weekend’s scheduled class and meditation with Kim McSherry + the crystal grids class I’ll be teaching Sunday at noon, we decided to create a crystal grid for Body Mind & Soul that would clear and protect our space so that new ideas and beginnings could flourish.

Being our resident Certified Crystal Healer, I got busy pulling stones to create a one-of-a-kind grid for our store. And what better way to share that with you than through a step-by-step blog?

If you want to recreate this grid, or go for something similar, read along to see how we set ours up, what stones we used and why, and what other stones might make good substitutes for the ones we chose.

You will need:


1 print out of Metatron’s Cube (you can google and print this from online)

1 smoky quartz point (alternatives include clear quartz or amethyst)

3 chevron amethyst tumbles (alternatives include smoky quartz or labradorite)

3 green aventurine tumbles (alternatives include moss agate or peridot)

3 picture jasper tumbles (alternatives include yellow or mookaite jasper)

3 red jasper tumbles (alternatives include bloodstone or jet)

6 hypersthene tumbles (alternatives include hematite, nuummite, or onyx)

6 raw pieces of black tourmaline (alternatives include amethyst or smoky quartz points)


  • Lay your paper out where you want to build your grid and place the smoky quartz point in the center, over the center circle.


  • Place each of the amethyst tumbles in alternating circles around the smoky quartz point.


  • Place each of the green aventurine in the remaining alternating circles around the smoky quartz point.


  • Place each of the picture jasper in alternating triangles between the amethyst and aventurine.


  • Place each of the red jasper in the remaining alternating triangles between the amethyst and aventurine.


  • Place each of the hypersthene in the circles around the amethyst and aventurine.


  • Place each of the raw tourmaline pieces radiating outward from each hypersthene.


  • Activate your grid using a clear quartz point to connect each stone to the center, smokey quartz point.


This grid is very illustrative, in that we chose stones which would depict the energy of our intention in their meaning and placement. The outer ring of hypersthene and black tourmaline create a protective barrier   working with Aries’ warrior spirit   in which the new beginnings (green aventurine) can flourish   for Aries’ dynamic and catalyzing energy. The amethyst brings stability and protects these potentials for expansion from negativity within, and the alternating jaspers create fertile ground in which they can take root and anchor our grid to three-dimensional space. The smoky quartz in the center directs and amplifies the grid’s energy while simultaneously filtering and transmuting anything not found to be beneficial.


AnnaSilver-80x100_largeAnna Silver is a published author, certified crystal healer, and a certified master reader and teacher of tarot and lithomancy, or crystal reading. Anna combines basic science, intuitive wisdom, and metaphysics to help her students and clients employ powerful tools in practical ways to create positive change in their health, relationships, career, finances, spiritual path, and more.

To book a reading with Anna through Body Mind & Soul, please call the store: 713-933-0550.

You can learn more about Anna at her website:

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