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Aligning with Autumn

Aligning with Autumn

Cycles define our experience of the natural world. The moon, the sun, and the earth all have their phases and seasons, each interwoven one within the other like a predictable tapestry. Even our bodies experience their own rhythms. Becoming aware of the cycles within and without us and moving in tandem with the harmony of nature allows us to reap the benefits of each of these phases, all crucial for their own reasons

Right now fall is in full swing. This transitional season is a favorite for many. Fall is a season of harvest, a time for connecting with our own sense of fruitfulness and abundance. It is a time to collect and gather, to reap the rewards of what we’ve sown earlier in the year. Trigger sensations of bounty and prosperity with these delightful fall scents:



Additionally, because it is transitional, the season of autumn opens us to transformation. Where are we now, and where would we like to be? How do we intend to get there? Themes of thankfulness and taking stock bleed into the budding of new desires and fresh visions. This is a time of change, a time to be flexible and adapt to the shifts we feel unfolding all around us. Embrace the tides of change with these revitalizing crystals:


Finally, fall is our season of gratitude. As we take in all that we’ve gained and look back on the year before its wintery close, we have a unique opportunity to experience and share our thankfulness for what has emerged, and also for what has not. Find wisdom you can be truly grateful for in these titles:



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    Denise Welling