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Astrology & Tarot

Astrology & Tarot

There are elements of astrology and tarot that go hand in hand.  In astrology you have your sign and a planet that rules that sign; the tarot consists of 78 cards that are divided into the major arcana (the first 22 cards of the deck) and the minor arcana (the 56 cards that follow the major arcana).  The 22 cards of the major arcana are considered the heavy hitters in the deck, they carry big spiritual messages and concepts and each one of these cards is associated with an astrological sign or planet.  Find your sign below to see which major arcana cards are associated with your astrological signature. 

Aries:  Your cards are the Emperor and the Tower. The Emperor is linked to the sign of Aries and reminds you to claim your power and be an initiator while the Tower card, linked to your ruling planet Mars, reminds you that sometimes you have to play the part of disrupter; shaking up people and situations that have become stale and static. 

Taurus:  Your cards are the Hierophant and the Empress. The Hierophant is linked to your sign Taurus and reminds you that one of your greatest contributions to society is a sense of order and structure. If chaos abounds Taurus can sweep in and bring some order to the mess.  The Empress card is linked to your ruling planet Venus, symbolizing your knack for bringing beauty to the world. 

Gemini:  Your cards are The Lovers and the Magician. The Lovers card is linked to your sign Gemini reminding you that part of your mission is to show the world we all have two sides to us; we have a good twin and an evil twin.  The Magician card is linked to your ruling planet Mercury, the planet of communication.  Gemini, you show us the power words can have.    

Cancer:  Your cards are the Chariot and the High Priestess.  The Chariot card is linked to your sign Cancer.  In most decks two horses are pictured, usually of two different colors, one representing good fortune and the other bad fortune.  You show the world how to take the good with the bad and make something of it.  The High Priestess is linked to your ruling planet the Moon, reminding you that your intuition allows you to read situations and people on a deeper level.

Leo:  Your cards are Strength and the Sun.  The Strength card is linked to your sign Leo reminding you of your ability to bring out the strengths in others.  You encourage others to embrace their desires.  The Sun card is linked to your ruling planet the Sun.  Your warm nature has a way of encouraging more timid souls they have a right to step into the spotlight and shine.

Virgo:  Your cards are the Hermit and the Magician. The Hermit card is linked to your sign Virgo and symbolizes your ability to play spirit guide to other souls. Just like the lamp in most Hermit cards you’re at your best when you light the way for others.  The Magician card is linked to your ruling planet Mercury.  Mercury is associated with the mind and the Magician card symbolizes your ability to bring a down-to-earth plan to chaotic situations. 

Libra:  Your cards are Justice and the Empress. The Justice card is linked to your sign Libra.  Most Justice cards have the scales prominent in them reminding you of your ability to bring fairness and order to situations; treating each person with respect and dignity.  The Empress card is connected to your ruling planet Venus symbolizing your intuitive sense of design and beauty.  You’re able to bring out the romantic and beautiful in people and environments.  

Scorpio:  Your cards are the Death card—lucky you, Scorpio—and the Judgement card.  The Death card is linked to your sign Scorpio.  You’re the personification of the mythical Phoenix bird, showing the masses how you can rise from the ashes.  You may be down but never out.  The Judgement card is linked to your ruling planet Pluto.  Most Judgement cards show people rising from the dead.  This symbolizes your talent for guiding others through their “dark night of the soul”; raising people from the dead so to speak.

Sagittarius: Your cards are the Temperance card and the Wheel of Fortune.  The Temperance card relates to your sign Sagittarius and symbolizes the alchemist in you.  Just like the medieval alchemist of years past, your optimism and “nothing is impossible” attitude turns seemingly impossible situations into gold.  The Wheel of Fortune is the card linked to your ruling planet Jupiter.  You show others you have to take a risk sometimes.  Anyone can win the lottery but you have to buy a ticket first is the ultimate Sagittarius phrase.

Capricorn:  Your cards are the Devil card and the World. The Devil card is the card associated with your sign Capricorn.  You show others how to stay focused and not be lured off the path to success by temporary pleasures and temptations (The Devil).  The World card is linked to your ruling planet Saturn and Saturn is about this physical world.  You help the artistic and ethereal souls of this world bring their dreams into reality.  Less talking and more doing says Capricorn.

Aquarius:  Your cards are the Star card and the Fool. The Star card is associated with your sign Aquarius and reminds you of your ability to restore hope and faith in those who’ve lost those qualities along the way.  The Fool is linked with your ruling planet Uranus and reminds you that playing to the status quo will never work for you.  If others find you strait-laced and normal you’ve missed the boat somewhere.

Pisces:  Your cards are the Moon card and the Hanged Man.  The Moon card is associated with your sign Pisces symbolizing your mystical and dreamy nature.  You’re very clear that things are not as they always appear.  The Hanged Man is linked with your ruling planet Neptune. You’ve got this crazy ability to turn others on their head (so to speak) and see life from a completely different perspective. 

Image by Mira Cosic and Alexis Fotos