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Awakening Your Intuition

Awakening Your Intuition

While culture and education have taught us how to rely on our logical left brain for survival and success, the right brain is the realm of creativity, emotion, and intuition. Energetically housed within the third-eye chakra, but connecting to all chakras⁠—particularly the crown and heart⁠—intuition is our inner sense of knowing that bypasses conscious reasoning. Often lightning fast and quieter than rational thought, there are three primary steps to awakening and deepening our intuitive self.

1. Listen

The first step in any journey is often the hardest, and this is no exception. This is where most people fail at using their intuition because our current social and economic climate is so fast and furious. What isn't loud often goes unnoticed. Which means when our intuition speaks, we are rarely primed to hear it. In order to practice listening to the intuitive self, we must practice stillness. This is where meditation comes in handy because it allows to slow down and settle in, to drift away from the never-ending stream of thoughts contained in the "monkey mind", and to tune in to more subtle energy streams.

2. Trust

Those who have learned to hear their intuition know that that is only the first step. While believing may follow seeing, trusting does not always follow hearing. When our intuition tells us to "turn left" while we were planning to go right, we come face to face with our trust issues. The rational mind will try and out-reason the intuitive self time and time again. It is up to us to trust our inner voice when we hear it whisper, rather than dismiss, minimize, or rationalize it to death. To trust ourselves is a choice we must learn to make if we are ever to master ourselves and our fate.

3. Act

Once we've heard the speaking of our intuition and decided to trust it, it follows that we must act on that direction. Very often, this entire process is incredibly fast, like an energetic flash that ripples through us, changing our course. Other times, there may be more space between the speaking and the doing. In either case, it can be tempting to hear but not heed. Make no mistake, follow through is critical to your intuitive development. Only by doing what we are guided to can we validate that voice and begin to build a positive relationship between rational side and our intuitive side.

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