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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

There will be a Blood Moon, a total lunar eclipse, this Friday July 27th at 3:21 pm CST.  A Lunar Eclipse only happens on a full moon when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon, and a Blood Moon occurs when the Moon appears darkened as it passes through the Earth’s shadow.  The blood red color is caused by the projection of all of the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets onto the Moon’s surface.  This will be the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century, and the total eclipse phase will clock in at 1 hour and 43 minutes.  Although we will feel the effects of this event, we won’t be able to see it from North America.

Lunar Eclipses can bring about life’s big events resulting in endings and new beginnings, like the sale or purchase of a home, the birth of a child, the ending of one job and the beginning of another, or possibly divorce. Because a Lunar Eclipse happens on a full moon, we tend to feel everything on a deep emotional level.  This eclipse occurs in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of community and righteous change. Use the energy of this eclipse to gather support and promote the positive changes you need to make.

This eclipse will also be conjunct (right next to) the planet Mars, which will be retrograde during this event.  Mars is a warrior and the Moon is emotional, so we could become volatile and lash out if we don’t get our way.  When Mars is direct we take action and go after what we want, but when Mars is retrograde we get a sanity check—a cosmic time out.  During Mars retrograde we slow down and ask ourselves, Are my current plans and strategy leading me closer to what I want, or are they leading me down a path of self-sabotage?

In addition to the drama cast by the lunar eclipse, Uranus will be squaring the sun and the moon. The Sun symbolizes individuality, our sense of self. Great change is a key phrase describing Uranus. Do you really believe in yourself and what you’re doing?  Sudden and unexpected events test your ability to stay true to yourself and your path.  The Moon, on the other hand, is linked to our emotional life, and when Uranus and the Moon come together, you can expect repressed feelings to come to the surface. If there have been problems brewing in a relationship, you can almost bet a Moon/Uranus aspect will push those problems to the surface. Now is the time to clear the air.

As if that wasn’t enough, Saturn will be quincunx (making a difficult aspect) to the Sun.  Saturn has been retrograde since April 18 and won’t turn direct until September 5th.  Fear is associated with Saturn, while responsibility and mountains are linked to Capricorn.  As Saturn continues retrograde motion, we contemplate what we must do, the fears we must face, and the mountain we must climb.  Now is the time to stick close to your nearest and dearest to receive support and give it. We may need to remind ourselves—and perhaps a close friend—that this too shall pass.  During times of high cosmic drama, one day at a time is our most powerful mantra.

And finally, Mercury—the ruler of communication, messages, and travel—will be going retrograde from July 26th until August 18th. When this tiny planet goes retrograde three to four time a year, it can create chaos in our lives.  Miscommunication, delayed travel plans, and computer malfunctions are common mishaps during Mercury retrograde.  Our best course of action is to release our need to control situations and people; try to let things unfold naturally without the need to make something happen.

This particular Mercury retrograde occurs in the sign of Leo.  Leo is a dramatic and theatrical fire sign that loathes tedious detail and colorless personalities.  As a double Leo (sun sign and rising sign in Leo), Alfred Hitchcock once said, “Drama is life with all the boring bits cut out.”  Watch what you say and how you say it; it would be very easy to stir up a lot of drama with a Mercury retrograde in Leo.  There was a popular song in the 80s called Rumors with the lyrics, “How do rumors get started? They get started by the jealous people.” No song could be more appropriate for a Mercury retrograde in Leo. Whatever emotions are stirring you, remember not to speak or act out of turn.

KevinCasey_roundKevin has been studying astrology since 1992 and began reading professionally in 2007.  He combines 26 years of experience with astrology and a fascination for numerology and tarot as tools for personal and spiritual growth.  For more information on Kevin, you may see more on our readers page,  Call the store to book a reading with Kevin at 713-993-0550.