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Body Mind & Soul Breaks New Ground

Body Mind & Soul Breaks New Ground

Our store is undergoing a transformation. We recently had the opportunity to obtain the two spaces next to us in our retail center, and we knew we couldn’t pass this chance up.

We are full of gratitude and appreciation for every one of you who has shopped and supported our store.  You might have noticed that we are a little tight on space, so we took the leap and decided to expand.

While crews busily remodeled the two neighboring spaces, we continued to carry on as usual in our current space, but just this morning, the wall between our spaces finally started to come down. While the wall continues to disappear, we’ll be closed through Wednesday, October 24th. We hope to reopen on Thursday the 25th (please call to be sure we are open before coming in on Thursday!), but we still won’t have access to our new space. That means we’re going to have to get creative over the next week as we find ways to remain open for you.

You can expect our sales floor to be arranged differently and our merchandise to be somewhat limited during this time. However, all of our top-selling items will remain available for you to purchase and while our classes may be a tad smaller than normal, they will stay on schedule.

We hope to complete our transition by Thanksgiving, November 22nd. Once done, Body Mind & Soul will be able to bring you an extended sales floor with even more beautiful merchandise, two additional reader’s rooms, and two additional practitioner’s rooms, along with our same devoted classroom.

We are so eager to share our new space with you. Thank you for your patience with us as we undergo this exciting journey.