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Celebrate the New Moon in Capricorn today

Celebrate the New Moon in Capricorn today

 The Moon will be new on Tuesday January 16, 2018 at 8:17pm CST.

This new moon will take place in the sign of Capricorn and new moons are about new beginnings.

Being an earth sign, Capricorn is looking for results. Keywords associated with Capricorn are stability, reliability, focus, and discipline. This is the time to take responsibility for our lives, get real about what we want to accomplish and make a plan.

But beware, we can’t get stuck in the planning stage-  we have to be willing to take action. So, this month is the perfect time to take a real, practical step toward our goal. We can make a list of the steps we can take that will move us closer to our goal. We don’t have to do everything at once, we can take one step at a time.

Patience is another keyword associated with this new moon so by taking one thing, one day at a time we practice patience. Emotionally, Capricorn can be cool and detached. We can use these qualities to our advantage by keeping our emotions in check when we come up against obstacles and setbacks. Capricorn is the ultimate realist that accepts the fact that delays and setbacks are a part of life and that we grow in confidence and wisdom when we face our difficulties head on and stay the path.

The Moon is also conjunct Pluto.

Emotions are associated with the Moon and Pluto is linked to change, death, and transformation. The Moon wants to keep us safe and protected but Pluto wants to dig up and bring to the surface any emotions we’ve buried. Pluto wants us to face our fears and our self sabotaging behaviors so during this new moon of making plans and taking action, Pluto shows us how facing our fears frees our energy up to move forward in our lives.

The New Moon is square Uranus.

When the Moon and Uranus get together we can find ourselves being very quick tempered. If we’re feeling agitated right now the Moon/Uranus aspect could be showing us we aren’t embracing our own needs instead we’re looking to others to approve of or validate our personal needs.

This Moon/Uranus aspect has many of us asking, “Am I living my life or the life someone else wants me to live?”

Happy New Moon journeys and remember to set your intentions with the New Moon energies and seed your success for the month.



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