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This past Sunday, everyone became a “Certain” for a day when we packed up the store as a family.


Clyde and Susan Certain led the group including Brad, Denise and David Welling, and their children Lauren and Dylan-who brought their energetic friends from School of the Woods.


It is no surprise that Kevin was in charge of providing entertainment and laughs as we packedup the Zen, crystals, and tarot.


Even Melanie Harrell, our Past Life Regression maven, rolled up her sleeves and joined us.


We took a Thanksgiving-like break for lunch at to celebrate our packing progress. The adults dined at a communal table pushed together at the center of the store. The children’s table was located upstairs. Just like real life.


Tim, our I.T. guru, stopped by on his day off to make sure that our technology was properly prepared for a safe journey.


You never know how much you have until you have to take it off a shelf, lovingly seal it in bubble wrap and find just the right sized box to ferry it in.


Small wonder that Clyde’s cellphone was ringing off the hook- “We’ve run out of boxes! We are out of tape! We need bubble wrap stat!!!!”

van and boxes

So where are we now? At this moment, we are still in transit. The bookcases and furniture pieces arrived at the new store on Thursday followed by tons of boxes.


Can you believe that all of our merchandise is stacked and crammed into our new classroom? They will stay there unopened until we finish with the pesky paperwork.


In the meantime, watch this space and your email inbox for the opening date at 7951 Katy Freeway.

ws bookcases

We can’t wait to see you in our new home!

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    Denise Welling