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Creating a May Day Altar

Creating a May Day Altar

With May only a couple of weeks away, and the full breadth of summer trailing right behind, you might want to think about welcoming this highly-charged energy into your sacred space. May Day, and its ancient equivalents like Beltane and Floralia, is a celebration of spring, new life, and nature. Traditionally, this was considered a time of great fertility, as is evidenced by the earth’s production of plants, flowers, and fruits in this season. Connecting with this cycle of fertility invites new energy into your space and aura to help you shake off what no longer serves as the earth has shaken its coating of snow, and bring forward new ideas, experiences, and creations, as is mirrored in the abounding nature around you.


Creating a May Day altar is a simple and beautiful way to bring this celebration of life into your own experience. Start with a surface that you can see and enjoy readily but that will not be in the way of typical traffic flow in your home or day to day activities. Dresser tops and console tables make good pieces for things like this.

You can lay a brightly colored table cloth or scarf over your surface. Then top it with items that remind you of the season. We recommend fresh flowers, goddess statuary, colorful candles, ribbons, potted plants, crystals, and more.

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It’s a good idea to smudge your altar with a sage and sweetgrass wand once complete, and then again occasionally as you move through the season. For some inspiration, check out social media sites like Pinterest & Instagram.

Altar below

To learn more about creating sacred space, consider signing up for our class, Sacred Space: Why It Matters & How To Create It with Anna Silvernail on Saturday, May 27th at 2:00 pm.


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