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Crystals for Aquarius Season

Crystals for Aquarius Season

Aquarians are born January 20-February 18 and have Uranus as their ruling planet and air as their dominant element. Those with a sun sign in Aquarius are said to be generous, born humanitarians, emotionally reserved, patient, and people lovers.

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum. They are non-conformists, trail-blazers, eccentrics, and originals. They can be visionaries, revolutionaries, and oddballs. But they are never boring. They detest the status quo and are lovers of truth. An aquarius exudes authenticity because it's very hard for them to pretend or be untrue to themselves.

Because they are an air sign, Aquarians are natural intellectuals and conversationalists. Their minds are capable of the kind of elasticity and abstract thought that is reserved for the mental equivalent of Cirque du Soleil. Which means that they may come off as ungrounded to others, or as "airy fairy" or "space cadets". 

All that mental acuity leaves less energy for the heart and body connection. So Aquarians might seem cold or flat or monotone in their emotional range. While they are powerful humanitarians ready to fight for a worthy cause, in their personal lives, they may leave their loved ones feeling disconnected or unseen. It's important for those around them to be patient and ready and willing to explain their feelings. Because they are gifted communicators, dialogue is key.

If you're an Aquarian or just love one, these are the best crystals for riding out this Aquarius season:


Blue Lace Agate - This softly-striped agate appeals to the communicator in Aquarius. Speaking with truth and diplomacy is something that makes Aquarius a natural mediator. Blue lace agate will balance the throat chakra and help navigate difficult discussions.


Hematite - Aquarians can use some help getting grounded. And while you move through Aquarius season, you may need some help with that too. Hematite is a supreme grounding crystal that can help you find focus and energy to get things done.


Turquoise - Aquarians value people. Friends and family are ever close. They thrive on building connections. Turquoise is a very positive stone that can help you create and strengthen friendships and relationships.