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Crystals for Connecting with the Spirit World

Crystals for Connecting with the Spirit World

A medium’s job is to communicate with the world of spirits in order to comfort, advise, or inform their clients. While not all of us are cut out to be full-time, working, professional mediums, we all have the ability   to varying degrees   to make contact with the other side.

But some of us may require a little help establishing that contact. That’s where crystals come in. Crystals are amazing tools for helping us achieve most anything, and there are a host of crystals which can aid the average person or adept medium in connecting with the other side. I prefer working with stones that stimulate the crown, third-eye, and throat chakra for this task. Below are just a few of my favorite crystals for connecting with the spirit world.

Cactus Quartz (a.k.a. “spirit” quartz, a.k.a. “fairy” quartz) – This unique and amazing specimen of quartz can most often includes amethyst, citrine, or both, but can come in smoky or snow (white) quartz versions. For best results here, look for those spectacular amethyst specimens. Work with cactus quartz after the passing of a loved one to heal grief and establish a new relationship with them in spirit. This beautiful crystal will enable you to recognize and receive your loved one’s communications and signs from the other side with clarity and ease.

Spirit Quartz – $55.00

Tanzanite – This rare and beautiful gemstone has a rich blue to violet luster that is unmatched in the mineral kingdom. Tanzanite is only found in one place   Tanzania   in the whole world, so it can be rather expensive. There’s no need for gem grade pieces for this purpose however, so look for low grade pieces to work with. Tanzanite activates higher spiritual consciousness and prepares one to cross over. Work with this stone if you are a novice interested in exploring your mediumship abilities. It’s protective edge will allow you to open up in ways that feel safe, positive, and in your best interest.

Tanzanite – $1.00

Blue Tiger Eye (a.k.a. “hawk’s eye”) – I keep a piece of this dark and dazzling stone with each of my tarot decks. Blue tiger’s eye is not only prolific and inexpensive, though rarer than it’s golden counterpart, but it is an ideal stone for working with the spirit world. Highly protective and deeply stimulating for the psychic gifts, the powerful presence of blue tiger’s eye will aid you in any attempts to contact the other side safely and effectively. Work with this stone if you are looking to grow your psychic abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience in order to connect with those who have crossed over more frequently or more clearly.

Blue Tiger Eye – $2.00

Blue Kyanite – A stone of awakening, blue kyanite is a blessing to anyone lucky enough to work with it. Gentle but effective, this crystal opens the throat and third-eye to help people of all levels experience higher spiritual realms and communicate with the spirits they encounter. Work with blue kyanite no matter your level of experience to expand your consciousness and enable you to build a relationship of trust with your intuition and your personal process for connecting with the spirit world.

Blue Kyanite – $1.00




Anna Silvernail is a published author, certified crystal healer, certified Journey Jewels guide, and a certified master reader and teacher of tarot and lithomancy, or crystal reading. Anna combines basic science, intuitive wisdom, and metaphysics to help her students and clients employ powerful tools in practical ways to create positive change in their health, relationships, career, finances, spiritual path, and more. You can learn more at her website:



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