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Crystals for Gemini Season

Crystals for Gemini  Season

Geminis are born May 21-June 21 and have Mercury as their ruling planet and air as their dominant element. Those with a sun sign in Gemini are said to be talkative and witty. They enjoy conversation and can strike one up anywhere. Curious knowledge-seekers, Geminis love to learn, and then they love to talk about what they've learned. But it's not uncommon for Geminis to tire of a certain subject quickly. They may toggle between a handful of subjects that matter to them, or they may know a bit about everything rather than a lot about one thing. 

Geminis are commonly thought of as people persons, and that's certainly true of Gemini extroverts. Gemini introverts, however, may limit their social calendar to a few significant friends rather than a large circle. Their fun and adventurous nature means they have to keep life interesting. Geminis crave change, variety, and novelty. Many are collectors, travelers, and multitaskers.

While Geminis can be the life of the zodiac party, they have a shadow side too—every sign does. Easily bored, Geminis may develop a reputation for fickleness or flighty behavior. They may struggle with their attention spans and FOMO, experience anxiety and restlessness, or fall into obsessive behaviors (like the collecting mentioned earlier). In relationships they crave stability but need change. This can lead to hot and cold behavior, mixed messages, and very confused partners. And their adeptness at understanding people is a power they can wield for good or evil. On the good side, they make excellent mediators and friends. On the bad side, they can be manipulative and sharp-tongued.

If you're a Gemini or just love one, these are the best crystals for riding out this Gemini season:

Script Jasper - This unusual little jasper appeals to the natural writer and orator in Gemini. Expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas is necessary for Gemini to release some of that nervous energy, and writing is a habit that is particularly well suited to this sun sign. If you or your Gemini isn't journaling, blogging, or writing professionally, they probably should be. 

Banded Agate - Agates are a stone that are typically identified with Gemini. With a lower frequency, agates are excellent energy regulators. Banded agate encourages reflection and introspection—qualities that chatty Gemini needs to balance them out. Additionally, agate will ground out some of that anxiety and quell the restless urge that can lead some Geminis to self-destruct.

Blue Calcite - Like agate, calcite is good for bringing a slow and steady energy to anything and everything. Blue calcite, in particular, is a balm for the throat chakra. Talkative Geminis can benefit from this crystal in two ways. Overwrought throat chakras can gain some much needed nurturing from this powerful stone. And that impulsive tendency to speak in anger, often leading to greater damage than Gemini intended, is given a little space when blue calcite is around.