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Crystals for Leo Season

Crystals for Leo Season

Leos are born August 1-August 22 and have the sun as their ruling planet and fire as their dominant element. Those with a sun sign in Leo are said to be confident and proud. They enjoy high drama and living large. Well suited for the stage and the spotlight, Leos love to bask in the attention of others and celebrate themselves. It's not uncommon for them to be drawn to powerful people and turbulent situations. They may have a reputation for explosive relationships and passionate love affairs. 

Leos are commonly thought of as attention-seeking and even attention-hogging. While that can be true, especially of Leo extroverts, Leo introverts may be subdued on the surface, but have one area of their life where they really let loose. Leos are naturally inclined to creative pursuits where they can really let their light shine. Many become involved in fashion, theater, and media.

While Leos can be the divas of the zodiac, they have a lot of positive aspects too. Because the sun never goes retrograde, Leos are known for their loyalty and stability. You can always count on a Leo to be exactly who they are. Likewise, Leos are natural leaders. Their inborn confidence makes it easy for them to step into positions of authority and attract others to their cause. Leos adore glamour and are often trendsetters, never afraid to stand out from the crowd. Full of vitality, Leos are exciting and passionate in their relationships. Rarely will the partner of a Leo experience boredom. However, while Leos will celebrate their loved ones as much as themselves, they can feel threatened by another's success. Ego and hubris are their Achilles heel.

If you're a Leo or just love one, these are the best crystals for riding out this Leo season:

tiger eye


Tiger Eye - Not afraid to shine, this little gem has a silky, golden appearance that aligns naturally with the energy of Leo. Tiger eye empowers, boosting the solar plexus chakra. But it also grounds, creating a counterbalance for ego, and making use of our fiery chi energy in real time. If you or your Leo need a little balance without dampening your spirits, this is the crystal for you. 


Bumble Bee Jasper - Jaspers are known as the supreme nurturers of the mineral kingdom. Typically with a lower frequency, jaspers are excellent energy regulators and stabilizers. Bumble bee jasper brings the vitality and enthusiasm for life Leo is known for, without overpowering the system. This happy little stone overflows with the power of joy, an excellent focus for Leo season.

rose quartz heart


Rose Quartz - Ego cannot exist in the heart. Qualities of a strong heart chakra, like empathy, compassion, and forgiveness, are natural antidotes for ego, hubris, and self-centeredness. Rose quartz is an excellent heart chakra stone that reminds Leo they are not the only ones in the room, and that the feelings of others matter as much as their own.