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Crystals for Pisces Season

Crystals for Pisces Season

Pisces are born February 19-March 20 and have Neptune as their ruling planet and water as their dominant element. Those with a sun sign in Pisces are said to be sensitive, intuitive, creative, wise, and gentle.

Pisceans are the supreme empaths of the Zodiac and are known for taking on the emotions and feelings of others. Their deeply compassionate hearts make them good listeners and loyal friends, but they can be taken advantage of by those with less than altruistic motives.

Because they are a water sign, Pisceans are feelers first, led by emotion and intuition. With a naturally developed EQ (emotional quotient), they make excellent therapists and mediators if they can resist taking on the energetic baggage of their clients. Spiritually in tune, they are often most comfortable swimming in abstract waters that others find confounding. Boundaries are their weakness, as they struggle to both recognize them and set them. 

Easily wounded, the innate healing gifts of a Pisces may go unnoticed and unused if they slip into their martyr shadow. In this role, Pisces is ever the victim and may turn to substance abuse or other addictive behaviors to numb those overwhelming emotions. Piscean men, in particular, have a difficult time coping with the cultural standards foisted upon them, as their values are naturally counter to those set by society.

If you're a Pisces or just love one, these are the best crystals for riding out this Pisces season:



Black Tourmaline - Powerful enough to stave off the worst perpetrating energies, but gentle enough to be worn next to the heart, this crystal will aid anyone needing to brush up on their boundaries. In addition, it helps to combat addiction by rooting out the negative thought patterns at its core.

Aquamarine - Aquamarine is all about clearing out the repressed emotions that hold us down. A connector between the heart and throat chakras, it is a natural choice for Pisces because of its watery associations. With aquamarine, you will find it easier to communicate your deep truths.


Tanzanite - This is the time to crank up those psychic gifts. Tap into your inner medium, oracle, or sage with the powerful crystal, Tanzanite. Opening the third eye and crown chakras, this crystal can help you make use of your innate wisdom.