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Did You Miss Us?

Did You Miss Us?

We missed you!

We were only down for the count for ten days, but it felt like an eternity full of boxes, bubble wrap, and packing popcorn. There were moments when we thought it would never end.

Packing up, unpacking-when you think about it, there is something a little surreal about spending hours meticulously undoing everything you had just done the week before. (I know that I plan to rethink the amount of strapping tape I put on bubble wrap- that stuff does NOT want to let go!)

If we could have found the magic fast forward button, we might have been tempted to hit it.  But we would have missed an extraordinary experience. Recreating Body Mind and Soul outside the loop gave the entire staff a chance to bond over our common goal. But something was missing. We needed our customers to truly make us happy.

Our “opening” was a little under the radar, but that was because we got a little lonely as we unwrapped our wares and our eager clients were already beating down the door!  “Please let us come in and buy some sage or incense.”  We were happy to oblige, but we hadn’t sorted out the wiring of our registers. Todd, one of our stalwart readers, called to check on his readings for the next day and we had to say, “We have no idea. We haven’t found the scheduling book yet!”

We found the book, wired up the registers, and opened the doors. Our Field of Dreams, (if you build it- they will come,) came true. Familiar faces streamed in along with people who were finding us for the first time.

Melanie broke in in the new reading room with two Past Life Regressions, and this past weekend we held our inaugural Intuitive Arts Festival. Image

Gary was one of our first readers on Sunday.

Come visit us at 7951 Katy Freeway. We’ve missed you!

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    Denise Welling