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Dive Deep with the New Moon in Scorpio

Dive Deep with the New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio: Dive Deep

The moon will be new in the deep and watery sign of Scorpio on Sunday, October 27, at 10:38 pm CST. New moons are not only about new beginnings, but also the perfect time to make wishes and set new intentions. The day before the new moonin this case October 26is the dark moon. A dark-moon day is a time for contemplation and meditation; it’s also a great time to go through your closets and drawers and get rid of what you no longer need. Declare this clearing out process a ritualyou’re putting the universe on notice that you’re letting go of the old and making room for the new.  

During a new moon, the sun and moon are in the same sign at the exact same degree. During this particular new moon, we have a stellium. In astrology, a stellium is when we have four or more planets in a particular sign, and in this case, not only do we have the sun and moon in Scorpio, but also Mercury and Venus.

Scorpio is a water sign, meaning feelings take center stage, and those feelings can be deep, intense, dark, and brooding. A Scorpio new moon is a time to embrace some of these darker emotions without judgement or shame. Are you holding on to old hurts, resentments, and betrayals from the past? In her classic book You Can Heal Your Life, the late metaphysician, Louise Hay, believed deeply held emotions like guilt and resentment can create dis-ease in the body. 

Intimacy and passion are also linked with Scorpio. Surface conversations are out, and deeper connections with others are in. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, loves to cast it’s light on what is hidden, so our most important relationships can stir up our fears of abandonment and rejection at this time. How we respond, when our old emotional wounds surface, is everything. 

In fact, the tarot addresses this issue. In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, the card associated with this particular new moon is the Five of Cups. The image on this card is a sad, dejected person wearing what looks like a long black cloak.  In front of this figure are three overturned cups that spill blood everywhere. Behind the figure are two upright, full cups.

In certain esoteric circles, this card is known as the Lord of Loss in Pleasure. The person in the card is focused on the overturned cups and ignores the two cups that are still upright. Will she continue to wear her painthe black cloakor will she try to see her pain from a different perspective?

We can ask ourselves the same question. Are we going to continue with the same destructive behavior and allow our emotional pain from the past to define who we are? Or are we willing to respond differently? Are we willing to let the past go and focus on solutions in the present?    

Scorpio and it’s ruling planet Pluto are also associated with wealth, riches, and debt. As scary as it may seem for some, this new moon is a time to take an honest look at your current financial situation. Are you where you would like to be financially? Who do you owe? Think about the coming months. What would you like to see happen financially for yourself? Instead of remaining in denial or overwhelming yourself with the big picture, think about one small step you could take over the next week that would be constructive and start the process. 


KevinCasey_roundKevin has been studying astrology since 1992 and began reading professionally in 2007.  He combines 26 years of experience with astrology and a fascination for numerology and tarot as tools for personal and spiritual growth.  For more information on Kevin, you may see more on our readers page,  Call the store to book a reading with Kevin at 713-993-0550.