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Dreams, Crystals & Beyond

Dreams, Crystals & Beyond

Dreams have long been valued as more than the “debris of the day”. Ancient cultures as well as modern practitioners in the medical, scientific, and spiritual communities have believed the act of dreaming to be a treasure trove of valuable information. Dreams provide a doorway into aspects of our self we may as yet be unfamiliar with.

In her upcoming class on dreaming, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Tobie Oidtmann will explain how dreams are gifts from our spirit and what the benefits of working with our dreams are. In preparation for this class, Tobie has provided a list of some of her favorite crystals for assisting in dream recall and dream work. You can register for Tobies’ class, Dreams and Beyond, occurring Saturday July 22nd from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, by clicking here.

Agates: Protects from bad dreams.

Alexandrite: Helps dreams be clearer.

Amethysts: Aids in dream interpretation.

Amethyst Points: Helps to create pleasant dreams.

Ametrine: Provides wisdom and insight from dreams.

Azurite: Aids in accessing the intuition through dreams.

Chrysoprase: Great for alleviating recurring bad dreams, especially in children.

Danburite: Promotes lucid dreaming.

Dioptase: Encourages vivid dreams.

Jade: Enlivens dreams.

Labradorite: This is a great daydreaming stone, it stimulates imagination and shows us our real goals.

Lepidolite: Helps to produce calm dreams.

Malachite: Helps to create dreams that feel more alive and real, and promotes dreams filled with vivid imagery.

Scolecite: Helps with dream recall and picking up on subtle dream messages.

Quartz Crystal: Amplifies the qualities of any other dream stone.


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