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Energy Clearing with Herbs

Energy Clearing with Herbs

Today, the modern world has seen a revolution in using ancient herbs to clear and shift energy. Cleansing bundles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with each uniquely crafted blend collaborating harmoniously to bring an array of energy-boosting abilities into your vibrational toolkit.

The practice of burning dried herbs to cleanse one’s space and aura has centuries-old roots in Indigenous tradition. We encourage you to honor and respect the sacredness of these practices, and to seek out products that are ethically sourced and support Indigenous groups.

Choosing an Herb

Your personal practice can begin at any time given the correct knowledge, tools, and intentions. The first step in clearing your space is to choose an herb or mixed bundle of herbs. Each herb withholds a distinct energy to assist you in cleansing your space and aura. Listed below are a few well-known, cleansing plants.


  • Clearing, purification, and protection. Sage clears the energy surrounding people, objects, and space. Think of Sage as a clean slate - it works with you to refresh and renew energy. All types of Sage - white, desert, and blue - are included in this category. Use Sage for multipurpose clearing.


  • Clearing, sanctification, and protection. Cedar dispels negative energy, fear, and anxiety through its magnificent grounding capabilities. Use Cedar to enhance your courage and the power of your cleansing practice.


  • Blessings, positivity, and protection. Sweetgrass brings in blessings through shifting the vibration in one’s aura and environment by driving away fears and negativity. Use after cleansing your space to enhance positive energy.


  • Relaxation, purification, and serenity. Lavender relaxes the mind and body and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Perfect to be used in conjunction with other herbs during clearing.

Palo Santo:

  • Clearing, purification, and serenity. Palo Santo grows as a holy tree in South America and has traditionally been used in sacred ceremonies. This bark clears negative energy while boosting feelings of peace and serenity within oneself and your space. May be used individually or in conjunction with other herbs.

Yerba Santa:

  • Purification, sanctification, and protection. Yerba Santa purifies and protects while also identifying and setting boundaries. Ideal for those seeking to enhance the power of their cleansing practice.

How to Clear Energy

Once you have decided on your plant of choice, it is time to obtain the rest of your clearing tools before beginning. You will need:

  • Plant of choice
    • This is your most important tool. Bundles can be mixed dried herbs, single plants, or loose leaves.
  • Abalone shell
    • Or a fire-proof bowl or plate will do. Typically, you will need something safe to catch the ashes and place your burning herbs within.
  • Feather
    • You can buy the perfect wafting feather online or in our Energy-Clearing kits. Any clean feather will work.
  • Intention
    • Before you begin, visualize your purpose in taking the time for this practice. Be clear about what you are looking to release or bring into your energy and space.

Begin your practice by using the feather to waft the smoke into each corner as you slowly walk through your space. Keep your intention clear in your mind throughout the practice. You can clear the energy of your aura, electronics, crystals, and other objects and energetic tools by allowing the smoke to pass through or around the item. 

This practice may take as long or short an amount of time as you wish, so trust yourself to know when the energy has been properly cleared.

Extinguish the Flame

When you feel the energy has been cleared, press the burning tip firmly into your fireproof vessel, sand, or dirt. You may also use water over the burning portion, but keep in mind that you will be unable to use your herbs or bundle again until it has completely dried.

After your practice is complete, you may safely discard the cooled remnants from your container and space. 


We always ask that you maintain respect for the plants and your practice by buying from respected sources and certified sellers. At Body Mind & Soul we work hard to try to verify that our herb and cleansing products are sustainable and ethically sourced, many being harvested by and directly supporting Indigenous peoples. 

We hope this helps in your vibrational journey and cleansing practices!

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    Chloe Chew