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Experience the Enchantment

Experience the Enchantment

Magic is in the air this season and the store is alive with the sights and scents that can be best appreciated in the fall. We want to share a few of our favorite additions to the floor right now, so we’ve put together this little “lookbook” post full of color photographs and captions to entice your senses and enrich your day. Above all, we want to share our gratitude to each and every one of you for the joy and wonder you bring to our store year round.


Apparel: We continue to expand our apparel selection for you, focusing on clothing that is ethically sourced and made, beautiful to behold, and comfortable to wear. Whenever possible, we try to bring in items that carry the vibration of positive messages.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.29.31 AM
This eco-friendly line of silk scarves are hand-woven and hand-dyed and support the livelihood of Indian villagers. You may find these same scarves in upscale department stores for much more. Available on our website: $35

Calendars: It’s that time of year again! As 2015 wanes, 2016 is fast approaching and we’ve been busy filling our calendar stock so you can kick off your year with the words and images that align with your desires and manifestations for 2016.


Crystals: Growing our exceptional selection of crystals and stones has been a labor of love for the store. Right now, we have some pretty unique tumbles in stock such as this orange selenite and shungite, as well as multi-colored tourmalines and much more. We also seek out the highest quality large points, spheres, palm stones, clusters, and carvings we can find.

Selenite purifies the energetic body. Orange selenite connects Source with our sacral chakra, restoring energy levels and opening up channels of creative freedom.
Shungite is said to be highly protective and grounding. Shungite absorbs EMF pollution from our environment and aura.

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