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Feel Yourself with the New Moon in Pisces

Feel Yourself with the New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces: Feel Yourself

The moon is on her way to being new, Sunday, February 23, in the watery sign of Pisces at 9:32 am CST. When the moon is new, it means the sun and moon are in the same sign at the exact same degree; that’s called a conjunction in astrology. New moons are like a spiritual reset, if we’ve wandered off the path or feel like we’ve lost our way, a new moon is a time to begin again. 

Saturday, the 22, is the dark moon. A dark moon is the perfect time to spend some time in solitude and clear out what you no longer need. Cleaning out a closet or even a drawer on this day can act as a mini ritual to let go of the old and make room for the new.

Pisces is a water sign, meaning emotions take center stage. Keywords associated with the sign of Pisces are imagination, dreams, spirituality, intuition, and mysticism. Mercury and Neptune are also in the sign of the fish this weekend, giving us a “tidal wave” of watery energy. Piscean energy is custom built for time alone, solitude, and meditation. If you haven’t been getting alone time or you’ve become lax with a meditation practice, this new moon provides an atmosphere to recommit to that practice. If you’ve never had a meditation practice, this weekend would be a great time to start. 

No talk or discussion on the sign of Pisces is complete without mentioning boundaries. Talk to any Pisces and they will tell you it’s a constant battle keeping their energy and feelings separate from others’ feelings and energy. Struggling with codependencythe belief that someone or something outside of you can “fix” youis a Pisces specialty. Boundaries can be described as healthy self-interest. Take a look at your life right now. Has your healthy self-interest slipped away? Are you not speaking up for yourself in a situation? Are you letting someone take advantage of you? A new moon in Pisces can serve as a wake-up call to reinstate your boundaries. Learning about healthy self-interest and boundaries prevents you from becoming overwhelmed by your sensitivities.  Stones like labradorite, tiger eye, black obsidian, or black onyx can offer a protective shield to block others’ unwanted energy. 

Since mysticism, dreams, and intuition are related to Pisces, you may find your psychic vibe turned up this weekend. Dreams could be prophetic, so really pay attention to your feelingsthey’re trying to draw your focus to something important right now. The Universe is trying to get a message to you. 

The Eight of Cups is the tarot card associated with this new moon, and it couldn’t be a better match. In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, it looks like a cloaked and hooded traveler. This figure has turned her back on eight empty cupsthere is nothing left for her in this current situation, so it’s time to move on. What is your “empty” cup? What situation leaves you feeling drained and empty? With the Eight of Cups you aren’t really going to lose anything important. 

Mercury retrograde: Unplug

Mercury retrograde began February 17 and ends on March 10. For the next three weeks, we get a spiritual crash course in letting go. During a Mercury retrograde, we can experience problems around communication, travel, and transportation, not to mention issues with our tech devices. The spiritual purpose behind all this cosmic madness is to unplug and stop pushing so hard. Let go and let the Universe do it’s thing.