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Feng Shui With Me

Feng Shui With Me

2014 is here to stay. We have safely passed through Mercury Retrograde, we’ve set all of our clocks ahead, and the Vernal Equinox has arrived.

Spring is an excellent time to throw out the old to make way for the new.Kevin cu

At Body Mind and Soul, our resident astrologer/numerologist/all around master of Zen, Kevin Casey, has predicted that 2014 is a year of introspection- listening to what the universe is saying to us, and fixing what needs to be fixed in our lives.

We’ve noticed a certain regular customer who routinely hovers in the Feng Shui section. It just speaks to her. After many visits, she finally purchased “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life,” by Karen Rauch Carter.

Move your stuff

We won’t name our anonymous shopper, but by her own admission, she REALLY, REALLY needs to move her stuff. She left the store- clutching the book- determined to head straight to her house to do her homework. Before she left, she promised to give us updates on her progress and to let us know how preparing the guas has affected her life.

That got us thinking. We could make this an interactive challenge. Do you have areas of your life that you are not happy with? Have you “moved your stuff” and had a life changing experience? What have you moved that has really made a difference? Do you need to change your life and are you ready to feng shui your home to get the results that you’ve always hoped for? Has some well placed amethyst or black tourmaline (in times of trouble) rocked your world?

Our anonymous shopper says that she would love to hear from others who have gone through or are also going through a very necessary “feng shui intervention.”

So, we want to hear from you- with suggestions, ideas, or testimonials on how adhering to this ancient art can improve your life.

We will share- without naming you- if you wish, on this life-changing journey.


In the meantime, come visit us! We have settled into our new home and have lots of things for spring. And we have an amazing sale section!