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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

The moon is on her way to being full Monday, August 3 in the airy sign of Aquarius at 10:59 am CST.  Keywords associated with full moons are completion, illumination, realization, clarity and tension.  A full moon occurs when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree; in this particular case the sun will be in Leo and the moon will be in the opposite sign of Aquarius. 

Aquarius is connected to the cosmic 11th House in astrology.  This is the part of the astrological wheel that rules friends, associates and groups of people along with our hopes and dreams.  This would definitely be a full moon to take a look at your friendships.  Have you found your tribe?  Are there friendships you might need to reconsider because they’re no longer supportive; only draining. 

Since Aquarius and the 11th House are associated with hopes, wishes and the future, this is the perfect full moon to start a visionboard.  If you’re not familiar with a visionboard, they became really popular after the release of the documentary, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  It’s a manifestation technique where you take pictures, typically from magazines, that match what you would like to see happen in your life and paste those pictures on a posterboard.  The spiritual theory behind this exercise, is seeing these pictures on a daily basis reinforces the power of your wishes and increases your chances of manifesting your dreams in reality.

Aquarius is also a sign associated with feeling rebellious and uncooperative, doing things differently, and breaking out of the status-quo.  If you’ve lost touch with certain parts of yourself because you’re trying to fit in, it can be an Aquarian full moon that gives you the courage to reclaim those lost parts of yourself.  

Uranus Square the Sun and Moon

Things we can expect with Uranus in difficult aspect to the sun and moon; fluctuations in relationships, changes in our environment, moodiness, restlessness and a sense of excitement.  If you’ve been stuck in a rut this full moon in Aquarius could shake you up and get you out of your comfort zone.  Life can be unpredictable with Uranus in the mix so we may experience sudden and unexpected changes beyond our control.  Being flexible, going with the flow and a willingness to experiment and grow is always our best bet during any Uranus transit; resistance is typically futile and ultimately leads to more pain.  Uranus known as the Great Awakener in astrology wants to keep us on our toes and moving in new directions.  Uranus will not tolerate complacency.  

Line Up in Capricorn

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde in the sign of Capricorn making our lives feel like they’re out of sync.  Jupiter goes direct on September 13, Saturn goes direct on September 29 and Pluto resumes forward motion on October 4; once these three begin forward motion our lives will start to feel like they’re coming together.  Until then we have to breathe and go with the flow.  At the end of the year both Jupiter and Saturn will leave Capricorn and move into the sign of Aquarius while Pluto will make it’s move into Aquarius in March of 2023.  We are moving closer to the infamous Age of Aquarius.  While these planets transit the sign of Capricorn we are letting go of the old and the outmoded.  It’s like the cosmos is doing a house cleaning, getting rid of all the “junk” before we move into the new age of Aquarius. 

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    Denise Welling