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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

The moon is on her way to being full this Friday, July 23 in the airy sign of Aquarius at 9:37 pm CST.  Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree.  For this particular lunation the sun will be at 1 degree Leo while the moon will be in the opposite sign of Aquarius at 1 degree.  

Zodiac Facts: Aquarius

Every sign belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water.  The symbol for Aquarius is the Waterbearer leading many people to conclude Aquarius is a water sign when in fact it’s an air sign.  The symbol shows a waterbearer pouring water from a jug or vase.  Water is essential for human life, we need water so the role of Aquarius is to give society what they need.  Being an air sign means communication and mental activity takes center stage for Aquarius.  The Waterbearer tends to be cerebral and favors analytical thinking.  All of this mental activity can make Aquarius appear detached and cold in the emotions department.  Like the two other air signs Libra and Gemini, Aquarians feel but it’s not their primary way of engaging with life and others.  This need for mental activity and communication has to be expressed in some way hence the reason air signs love to talk and socialize.  Aquarius loves freedom and independence making this sign a bit ambivalent about commitment in romantic relationships; they need room to move.  

Another way to categorize the signs is by their modality.  A modality in astrology refers to the nature and attitude of a sign.  There are three modalities; cardinal, fixed and mutable.  Aquarius belongs to the fixed modality meaning they have tremendous staying power; they are determined to stay the path.  The shadow side of the fixed nature is a resistance to change.  Aquarius like the three other fixed signs (Leo, Taurus and Scorpio) can cling to ruts and routines as a way to avoid change.  

In modern astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus however, in ancient or traditional astrology Saturn was considered the ruler of the 11th sign.  In fact, some modern day astrologers feel Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  Uranus is associated with sudden change, disruption, surprises, technology, originality , eccentricity and genius while Saturn is linked to tradition, structure, restriction, fear, doubt, delays, obstacles and depression.  This gives Aquarius a dual nature, the Uranian side is progressive and original while the Saturnian side speaks to the Waterbearers' fixed nature and sometimes resistant attitude to change.  

Every sign is related to one of the twelve astrological houses and for Aquarius that’s the 11th House.  This sector of our chart relates to social groups, friendships, hopes, dreams and wishes.  When we have major transits moving through our 11th House our hopes, dreams and wishes along with our friendships become important themes in our lives.  In fact, the late astrologer Jan Spiller said when the sun moves through this part of our chart every year is the most powerful time of the year to make wishes and set intentions.  

Full Moon in Aquarius

As stated above, we have full moons every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the same degree.  This opposition between the two luminaries creates a sense of tension.  We can feel like we’re being pulled in two different directions.  Typically, we’re at a point where we need to make a decision.  This is also the time of the month when a light is being cast on a part of our lives that we want to keep hidden or secret.  It’s during a full moon when we’re being given a chance to get honest about who we are and what we really want.  

The moon is associated with our feelings and what we need to feel safe and secure while Aquarian energy thrives on individuality and stirring things up.  Aquarius wants to shake the table so to speak.  So, if we’ve been playing nice and living our lives to please others, an Aquarian full moon can bring on a full on rebellion.  We’ve grown weary of playing by others’ rules; we want to march to the beat of our own drum. Instead of hiding our quirky, eccentric, weird selves we want to put them on display.  This whole theme is amplified because Uranus, the planet of disruption, is square Saturn, the planet of restriction.  Do we choose the safety of our cocoon or do we take a risk and break out?  We can also turn to the tarot deck for inspiration and to the Star card in particular.  The Star card is linked to the sign of Aquarius and it represents the principles of self-esteem and confidence. The Star card encourages us to step into the spotlight and allow our radiance to shine. 

However, this won’t just be handed to us because this full moon is caught between Pluto and Saturn.  The moon recently passed Pluto so there’s an emotional intensity in the air.   As the moon heads toward Saturn we’ll have to overcome our shyness and insecurity.  We’ll have to let go of the idea of playing small because our playing big could upset others or cause a confrontation. 

Stones and crystals we can use as talismans during this full moon would be amethyst, garnet and carnelian.  Amethyst has always been linked to the sign of Aquarius and it’s a great crystal to use when we need some calm, inner peace and serenity.  Garnet and carnelian give us courage, radiance and confidence.  As a side note, full moons are a great time to charge your crystals.  On the night of the full moon you can place your stones in a dish outside so they can absorb the full moon's powerful energy.  You can also place them in a windowsill for the same effect.     

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