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Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries

The moon is on her way to being full this Wednesday, October 20 in the fiery sign of Aries.  Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree.  For this particular full moon the sun is at 27 degrees Libra while the moon is in the opposite sign at 27 degrees Aries. 

Zodiac Facts:  Libra & Aries

Every sign belongs to one of the four elements and Aries the Ram is a fire sign meaning passion, enthusiasm and courage take center stage.  There is a restless energy to the fire signs along with a flair for the dramatic and theatrical.  The Ram can thrive on and become addicted to excitement making them one of the thrill-seekers of the zodiac.  

Libra on the other hand is an air sign meaning thinking, communication and analysis are of utmost importance.  Like the other two air signs Aquarius and Gemini, Libra can appear cold and detached in the feelings department.  Libras knack for communication and being social can put more socially awkward types at ease.  

Each sign belongs to one of the three modalities; cardinal, fixed or mutable and both Aries and Libra belong to the cardinal modality.  Cardinal signs initiate and start things; they don’t just sit around waiting for something to happen, they get the ball rolling.  Instead of sitting around talking about their plans Aries and Libra put their plans into action.  Aries will often initiate by taking leadership positions while Libra is known for initiating relationships.  

Every sign is ruled by a planet and in the case of Aries that planetary ruler is Mars, the Roman god of war.  In astrology, Mars represents the active, masculine principle.  Keywords associated with Mars are aggression, action, assertiveness, sex, courage, passion, war and ambition.  

Libra’s planetary ruler is the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus.  Astrologically speaking Venus is the receptive, feminine principle in life.  Venus is the feminine counter force to the masculine Mars principle.  Keywords associated with Venus are beauty, art, fashion, parties, luxuries, love and refinement.  

While those with a strong dose of Mars or Aries in their charts will display strong leadership qualities, those with a strong Venus or Libra signature can display great artistic talent.  

Each of the twelve zodiac signs are associated with a particular astrological house and for Aries this is the 1st House of self and identity.  This is the part of our chart that contains the Ascendant or Rising Sign.  the 1st House is how we project ourselves out into the world and it’s how the world sees us; some astrologers refer to this part of our chart as our social mask.  This is our personality which is an important part of who we are but it doesn’t reflect who we are on a deeper, soul level. 

Libra is associated with the astrological 7th House of marriage, relationships and open enemies.  While Aries and the 1st House deals with me, Libra and the 7th House refers to we.  In our natal chart, the sign on the 7th House cusp can tell us what we’ll be attracted to in others.  Sometimes, the sign on the 7th House cusp will literally be the sign of the person we become involved with.  This can also be the part of our birth chart that contains our shadow, the parts of ourselves we disown and try to project on to others.  

Tarot and the Full Moon in Aries

Each new and full moon is associated with one of the minor arcana cards and for this particular lunation the tarot card is the Four of Wands.  This is a perfect card for this full moon because this card represents completion and the coming together of opposites.  Full moons bring situations to a head and there tends they tend to have an air of completion and release about them.  Full moons can cast a light on what is hidden or kept secret so in order to bring something to completion we may need to accept and integrate a part of ourselves that we’ve cast aside or that we’ve tried to hide.  

Zodiac Facts:  Full Moon in Aries

During an Aries full moon we can find ourselves locked into a battle between “me” vs “we”.  How can I be me in the company of others?  How can I be in a relationship and not lose my identity?  Aries energy is more self-focused and doesn’t need others to define or understand itself while Libra energy is just the opposite; Libra instinctively feels that two heads are better than one.  We also see this in the planetary rulers of both signs; Mars, ruler of Aries, has a more confrontational energy while Venus, ruler of Libra, has a softer more cooperative spirit.  

The higher, spiritual perspective behind this full moon is both need each other.  Aries teaches us about courage, boundaries and the need to be self-focused at times while Libra energy teaches us about the value of relationships, cooperation and sharing.  

Depending where you are on this spectrum some of us may need to learn a bit more about being self-focused and standing up for ourselves while others may need to learn the lesson that opposing energies need to learn to work together through cooperation instead of competing with one another.  

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, the Roman messenger of the gods and the planet of communication is finishing up it’s last retrograde period of the year and will go direct on Monday, October 18th.
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