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Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra

The moon is on her way to being full this Sunday, March 28 in the airy sign of Libra at 1:48 pm CST.  Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree.  In this particular case the sun is at 8 degrees of Aries while the moon is in the opposite sign of Libra.  

Zodiac Facts: Libra

Keywords for Libra: harmony, partnership, justice, indecision, charm, civilization, order, grace, elegance, art, romance, spite, resentment and vanity

Libra is an air sign meaning thinking and communication take center stage.  Air signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini) tend to be cerebral and favor analytical thinking.  All this thinking can make the air signs appear cold and detached on an emotional level.  All this mental stimulation has to go somewhere, hence the reason these three signs love to talk and socialize; they have a natural way with people.  It is very important for them to share their ideas with the world around them.  When it comes to relationships, Libra has a tendency to overanalyze to the nth degree and never come to any real conclusions just more confusion.  Being more comfortable in the thinking realm deep, intense emotions can feel very overwhelming to the Libran.  Unlike their opposite sign Aries which thinks “me”, Libra tends to always think in terms of “we”; they’re typically very considerate of what others bring to the table. 

Every sign belongs to a certain modality.  In astrology a modality refers to the nature and attitude of a zodiac sign and there are three modalities; cardinal, fixed and mutable.  Libra belongs to the cardinal modality meaning it’s a sign that initiates, starts things.  Cardinal signs don’t want to just sit around they want to get the ball rolling.  The other cardinal signs are Capricorn, Aries and Cancer.  Instead of talking about their plans endlessly to their friends, it’s better for Libra to put those plans into action.  Bringing out the beauty in life is another strong Libran characteristic.  

Every sign is ruled by a planet and in the case of Libra that planet is Venus, the goddess of love and romance.  This lovely planetary ruler makes relationships a priority for Librans.  Keywords associated with Venus are beauty, art, fashion, parties, luxuries and refinement.  Under the rulership of Venus, many Librans have great design and artistic talents.  During the full moon Venus will be in the sign of Aries right next to the sun (conjunct) and opposite the full moon in Libra.  Like Mercury, Venus has retrograde periods; in 2021 the goddess of love and beauty will go retrograde December 19, 2021 through January 29, 2022.  During a Venus retrograde it’s best not to buy luxury items, start a relationship or schedule cosmetic surgery.  

Every zodiac sign is associated with one of the twelve astrological houses and for Libra this is the 7th House.  This is the angle of our chart that deals with marriage and partnerships but also open enemies and disputes.  In our natal chart, the sign on the 7th House cusp can tell us what we’re attracted to in others.  It can also be our shadow, the parts of ourself we disown and project on to others.  Sometimes the sign on the 7th House will literally be the sign of our significant other.  Other times the sign on the cusp of the 7th House along with any planets located in this part of our chart can tell us about the characteristics of our marriage partner. 

Each zodiac sign has two tarot cards associated with it and for Libra those cards are the Empress and Justice.  The Empress card is associated with love and nurturing but this is love and nurturing that is connected with wisdom; it isn’t codependent or enabling love.  In fact, in her book Crystal Zodiac, author Judy Hall recommends Mangano Calcite for a Libra moon.  This stone helps with loving another while not losing sight of your own needs.   The Justice card is about balance, clarity, justice and karma.  

Astrology Facts:  Full Moons

Being that the sun and moon are in opposite signs during a full moon, there tends to be an air of tension.  We can feel like we’re being pulled in two different directions and our goal is to try and find the balance.  Full moons bring situations to a head and they tend to have an air of completion and release about them.  Full moons can cast a light on what is hidden or kept secret.  It’s during a full moon that we may be forced to deal with a hidden aspect of ourselves.  In psychology this is known as the shadow-self and when dealing with the shadow it’s best we keep in mind this is not a one-time event, it’s a process.

Full Moon in Libra

Aries, the current sun sign, is associated with the 1st House, the part of our charts linked with self-identity while Libra, the current moon sign, is associated with the 7th House of relationships.  This can set up a “we” vs. “me” situation.  After spending so much time with those closest to us because of the Covid-19 situation we may have begun to see them from a different perspective.  When Libra energy is strong there is a good chance we’ll be brought into close proximity to people who think differently than we do, who hold a different opinion than we do.  Libra energy helps us see things from another’s perspective.  

Since full moons are about trying to find a balance this particular full moon can help us see that each person in a relationship (whatever kind of relationship) needs the other.  The sun part of this lunation, Aries, teaches us that sometimes we need the courage to be more self-focused while the moon part, Libra, teaches us the value of cooperation, sharing and negotiation.  Instead of seeing opposite energies working against one another we can see them complimenting each other.  

During this full moon, Venus the ruler of Libra, will be conjunct the sun in Aries and opposite the moon in Libra.  The moon/Venus opposition could cause you and another to become overly emotional and any problems you two might be having aren’t solved because both of you are in such an emotional state.  It might be best to wait until after the full moon to have a discussion.  

The sun/Venus conjunction could bring a new love interest for some or you may make new contacts and friendships.  This conjunction goes right along with the current mood in the country - we want to socialize!  We want to get out and meet people, something we’ve been restricted from the past year. 

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