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Set Some Boundaries with the Full Moon in Pisces

Set Some Boundaries with the Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces: Trust Your Vibes

The moon will be full in the watery sign of Pisces this Saturday, September 14, at 12:33 am EST. Here in Texas, the full moon will happen on Friday, September 13, at 11:33 pm. Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree and minute, creating a sense of tension in our lives.

Full moons illuminate what is hidden and bring situations to completion.  Psychologically, a full moon can cast a light on those parts of ourselves we try to keep hidden away because we fear the judgement and rejection of others. This hidden part of ourselves is commonly referred to as our “shadow-self”. 

During this particular full moon, the sun will be in Virgo and the moon in the opposite sign of Pisces. Virgo is an earth sign, meaning it is a sign that likes practical, tangible results. Virgo is the natural ruler of the astrological 6th House.  The 6th House rules our everyday work environment, our health, our daily routines, pets, service work, and organization. 

Pisces is a water sign and the natural ruler of the astrological 12th House, meaning emotions, psychic experiences, spirituality, dreams, and the subconscious mind take center stage. Some of the struggle and tension you can experience this week revolves around acknowledging and accepting your feeling, psychic self (Pisces), when your practical, rational self (Virgo) is dominant.

Practice listening to and honoring this more mystical side of yourself by writing down any intuitive hits you’ve been receiving. You don’t have to act just yet, but really pay attention to certain thoughts or words that keep coming up for you.

Being such a feeling sign, Pisces is very sensitive to the pain of others and the world. Because of this, you can become overly involved in others’ problems. It may be time to take a look at your boundaries. If you’re feeling resentful and angry (I have to do everything), it means you aren’t keeping up with you; you’ve let your boundaries slip, and you’ve become entangled in the lives of others in an unhealthy and unconscious way.

This leads us to another keyword associated with Piscessurrender. If you’ve become tired and worn out from trying to control everyone and everything, it’s time to let go. Cease fighting anyone and anything, and remind yourself everyone has their own path and unique set of lessons. 

Friday the 13th: Fear Not

Triskaidekaphobia comes from the ancient Greek words treiskaideka, meaning thirteen, and phobos, meaning fear. Put the two words together, and you get a phobia of the number thirteen. Even in modern society, many buildings, like hotels, will go from the twelfth floor to the fourteenth floor, skipping the number thirteen.

This fear and phobia around the number thirteen stems from old fairy tales and myths where a king decides to throw a celebration of some kind but there is only enough space or golden plates for twelve goddesses, twelve women, or twelve queens to attendleaving out the thirteenth goddess. The one left out becomes enraged and exacts her revenge. Even in the biblical story of Jesus and the Last Supper, it’s Judasthe thirteenth disciple to sit at the tablethat betrays Jesus. 


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Kevin has been studying astrology since 1992 and began reading professionally in 2007.  He combines 26 years of experience with astrology and a fascination for numerology and tarot as tools for personal and spiritual growth.  For more information on Kevin, you may see more on our readers page,  Call the store to book a reading with Kevin at 713-993-0550.