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A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse for June

A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse for June

This month's full moon is Friday, June 5 at 2:12 pm CST

Lunar Eclipse

Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the same degree.  During this full moon the sun is in Gemini and the moon will be in the opposite sign Sagittarius.

A Lunar Eclipse only occurs on a full moon.  During a Lunar Eclipse the moon passes behind the Earth.  Another way of saying it would be the Earth is between the sun and the moon. You can think of a Lunar Eclipse as a hyped up, extra strong full moon.

Full moons illuminate what is hidden.  A build up of energy is the tension associated with a full moon and a Lunar Eclipse.  After a new moon, the energy builds in the following days and weeks and comes to a head during a full moon.  There is a sense of relief or completion during a full moon.

Because full moons illuminate what’s hidden your shadow self, the part of you that you keep secret can be exposed.  As magical oracle card creator Lucy Cavendish says, a Lunar Eclipse can be a powerful and wonderful time when we tell the truth about who we really are.

The two signs involved in this full moon are Sagittarius and Gemini.  The thread that connects these two is education, learning. As we spend more time at home during the shelter in place many of us may begin studying something we’ve been interested in; maybe we didn’t have time before.  Both signs have a restless energy about them so we can find ourselves wanting to break out of ruts and routines, we’re ready to explore new horizons.  Since Sagittarius is associated with faith we’ve can find ourselves ready and willing to step out of our comfort zone. 

Staying with the learning theme you may have discovered you have teaching abilities or would like to teach a class. Also, you may look for a teacher. 

Going back to Lunar Eclipses being a time to tell the truth about ourselves; this is especially true now because Sagittarius is linked to truth.  Gemini is an air sign that is linked to communication therefore it makes sense this full moon can be about speaking our truth.  It could also manifest as the truth just coming out; maybe we’re caught off guard or not expecting some revelation about others or ourselves. 

The tension around the full moon is the need to see the bigger picture (Sagittarius).  We could have fallen into the trap of obsessing over all the details (Gemini).  Another issue is both Gemini and Sagittarius can be so restless that you don’t settle on anything, you don’t land.  You jump from one thing or subject to another not settling down or going deep enough. 

Numerologically, this Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 5thand in numerology the number 5 is ruled by Mercury and relates to communication and learning.  The numerology really backs up the themes of the full moon Lunar Eclipse.

Mercury retrograde

Mercury the planet of communication and short trips will go retrograde on June 18 until July 12. We don’t have to bring our lives to a standstill during Mercury retrograde.  We just need to slow down a bit, take a breath. Sometimes our communication can be off during this period, travel can be cancelled or delayed which is definitely a possibility with everything going on.  During a Mercury retrograde we won’t to let the Universe take the lead. Let things unfold naturally instead of trying to make something happen or force a situation to go a particular way.  Many times something good can happen during this period but that good comes from letting go and going with the flow.

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    Denise Welling