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Full Moon In Taurus Forecast by Kevin Casey

Full Moon In Taurus Forecast by Kevin Casey

The Moon will be full this Saturday, November 4 at 12:23 am CST.

A full moon occurs every month when the Moon is in direct opposition to the Sun creating a sense of tension.  This tension can make us feel a bit crazy, out of sorts, and more sensitive to the chaos in our lives.  It’s during this time of the month when we need to stop, take a breath, and look for ways to bring some balance back into our lives.

A Taurus full moon craves relaxation, rest, and routine.  Taking time for meditation, spending time outdoors, and doing something good for your body would be perfect for this full moon.  If you’re a pop music fan think Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode. 

Full Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune

This full moon forms a nice, flowing aspect to Neptune.  Both Neptune and the Moon are connected to intuition and psychic experiences so pay attention to what the late Louise Hay called your “inner ding”. 

Your “inner ding” goes off when you hear, read, or even daydream something that you just know is the truth for you even if others think it’s totally crazy or irrational sounding.  When you feel you know something but you can’t explain how you know it  – that is a total Moon-Neptune thing. 

Recent talk in certain spiritual circles about being empathic is also related to this aspect.  So, what does it mean to be empathic?  If you’re an empath you are highly sensitive to the feelings of others.  If you aren’t careful you can become completely overwhelmed by these feelings.  Typically, an empath will play the part of listener and therapist to their friends and co-workers.  Spending time alone to recharge your “battery” and setting boundaries are a must. 

Labradorite, sage, and a copy of Codependent No More would be the ultimate spiritual tool kit for a highly sensitive individual.  Neptune, Taurus, and the Moon are also associated with art, beauty, and creativity so you may be inspired to buy something beautiful for your home like a nice piece of art. 

Venus opposite Uranus

During this full moon Venus the planet of love and relationships will be opposite Uranus.  Uranus wants to shake us up and keep things fresh and exciting so we may experience fluctuations in our intimate relationships.  If we’ve become bored we’ll crave some passion in our relationships.  Any problems that have been brewing beneath the surface will now erupt to be addressed.  Strong relationships survive and grow while stale, weak relationships may break apart. 

About Kevin Casey: Get the cosmic lowdown. Kevin will use all the cosmic tricks he knows, Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology to help you find out what time it is in your own life. This isn’t about transcending your ego or trancing out of your body. Kevin’s readings are fun and are about helping you to suit up and show up for the life that is in front of you right now.


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