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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

A Lunar Eclipse occurs Monday, August 7th at 1:11 pm CST. Lunar Eclipses happen during a full moon when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and all three are lined up exactly. During a full moon the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs and this creates tension while the Lunar Eclipse reveals what is hidden or kept secret.

As author Lucy Cavendish says, “a lunar eclipse creates an opportunity to integrate who you secretly are with who you appear to be” and this couldn’t be more true with the full moon in the rebellious sign of Aquarius. Towing the line and trying to keep things status quo will not work under an Aquarian full moon. Ruts, routines, and playing a role that no longer fits us are out along with feelings of guilt and obligation. Recovering parts of ourselves we’ve shut down, censored, or lost along the way is in. Some of us may realize we’re living our lives according to someone else’s standards instead of our own. Understandably, this can be a tense time as we try to balance our personal needs with the needs of those closest to us. Getting out of our comfort zone is never easy so now would be a good time to remind ourselves we don’t have to change everything at once, the effects of an eclipse can last for the next 6 months so think of this time as a gateway that is opening to change.

During this Lunar Eclipse Jupiter will make a difficult aspect to Pluto. Jupiter is the planet associated with faith, miracles, inspiration, and good luck while Pluto is associated with power, transformation, and deep change. Both of these planets want it all, neither one does things in half measures. We start to feel powerful under Jupiter/Pluto transits, we begin to see that change is not only possible but necessary. Pluto is also associated with control and loss so don’t be surprised if you meet with resistance from others as you take control of your life. We may have to lose something in the process in order to gain something in the long run. Think short term pain for long term gain.

Last and certainly not least Mercury Retrograde will begin on August 12 and last until September 5. The spiritual purpose behind Mercury Retrograde isn’t to torture us but to find time to unplug from the world. Trying to control everything during these 3 weeks will only make us miserable so the best course of action is to let events unfold naturally. Our best laid plans can go awry and when we finally release control everything seems to work out in a weird and sometimes kooky way during a retrograde. Proving once again that the Universe sometimes has a better plan than our own.

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