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Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

The moon will be full this Saturday evening at 11:44 pm CST in the sign of Capricorn.  This will also be a lunar eclipse.

Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposite signs.  For this particular full moon the sun will be in the sign of Cancer and the moon in the opposite sign of Capricorn creating a sense of tension.  Lunar eclipses only occur on full moons; in fact a lunar eclipse is basically a very potent, hyped-up full moon. During a lunar eclipse the earth, sun and moon are exactly or very closely aligned with the earth between the sun and moon. On a physical/material level eclipses can shake us up and force us to change.  If you’re stuck in a rut an eclipse can blast you out of your comfort zone.  On a psychological and spiritual level, a lunar eclipse can illuminate parts of ourselves we would rather keep hidden.  During a lunar eclipse we drop our masks and get honest about what we feel and who we are. 

Capricorn is an earth sign meaning results and practicality take center stage while Cancer is a water sign meaning feelings are most important.  Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th House in astrology, the part of a chart that rules career and public recognition.  Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th House, the part of an astrological chart that rules family and emotions.  The classic tension under a Capricorn/Cancer full moon would revolve around work commitments (Capricorn) vs. time with family (Cancer).

The moon is in her detriment in Capricorn meaning she isn’t comfortable in the sign of the mountain goat.  Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is associated with restrictions, so there can be an unwillingness to share your feelings (Cancer) when the moon is in Capricorn.  What feelings are you holding in?  What feelings are you scared to express?  These are just things to think about, ideas to consider.  The opposite can also be true; you may need to rein your feelings in instead of expressing them.

Chiron, the wounded healer in astrology, will be making a difficult aspect to the full moon.  Since Cancer and the moon are related to our family, old family wounds could come up to be healed.  Someone close to us could stir up an old wound; this person may or may not be aware they are hurting you.  Maybe you or the other person have felt misunderstood in the past and now there is actually healing.

Chiron was a healer so some of us may discover we have healing abilities or teaching abilities we didn’t know we had.  Maybe you begin studying a healing modality; you could come into contact with a new mentor or teacher.

This full moon will make a trine (an easy, flowing aspect) to the planet Uranus.  Some could have enterprising ideas.  You want more freedom.  You want to express yourself in an unconventional way.

Mercury remains retrograde until July 12.  Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will remain in retrograde motion for the entire summer.


For the second month in a row a full moon falls on the 5th of the month.  It seems the Universe is trying to get a message to us; in numerology the number 5 deals with change and freedom; it also signifies a new direction in life.  The number 5 also deals with the physical body so we’re also getting a message to take care of ourselves which makes perfect sense right now with Covid 19.