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Get ready for Full Moon in Libra

Get ready for Full Moon in Libra

The Moon will be full in the sign of Libra on Saturday, March 31 at 7:37 am CST.  A full moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs creating a sense of tension; we can feel as though we’re being pulled in two different directions.

Since the Moon is full and bright it can illuminate what’s been hidden or kept secret; it’s also the phase associated with completions. This is a Blue Moon meaning it’s the second full moon within a calendar month; the other full moon happened on March 1.

Blue Moons push us into action and because there are numerous intense aspects (planets in difficult relationship to one another) occurring during this full moon the energy could feel claustrophobic and frustrating.

We’ll be going through a big transition this year as Uranus and Chiron change signs in a couple of months so this is the beginning of the process.  We don’t have to do everything right now we just have to be willing to get honest with ourselves about what’s no longer working in our lives and admitting what’s bugging the hell out of us.

Here’s how this Blue Moon Full Moon in Libra will go down:

Mars and Saturn well square the Moon and the Sun and Saturn will conjunct Mars

You’re frustrated with a situation causing you to be angry and resentful.  Your insecurity is creeping to the surface and you’re terrified others may get a glimpse of it.  You really want things to be different in your life but you can’t seem to find your courage; the fear of change and the unknown is overwhelming.

Relationships that have a devouring, needy, smothering energy about them are finally starting to take their toll. You see and admit the patterns you continue to repeat in your dysfunctional relationships along with your ineffective emotional responses in these situations. You feel something is holding you back but you can’t seem to find the words to express how you feel.

This is a wake-up call.  It’s time to clean out the emotional closet and break from the past.  Remind yourself you don’t have to do this alone; it’s time to embrace your tribe, the people and friends who support, encourage, and hold space for you to live your most authentic self.  Learning to value yourself is when you find your self confidence.


KevinCasey_roundBy Kevin Casey, Astrologer




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