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Get Unstuck with the Full Moon in Gemini

Get Unstuck with the Full Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini: Time to Get Unstuck

The moon will be full in the sign of Gemini on Thursday evening, November 22nd, at 11:39 pm CST.  During a full moon, the sun and moon in are opposite signs at the exact same degree, creating a sense of tension. Full moons bring situations to completion, and the emotional qualities of the moon are at their peak. This tension combined with our emotions gives the full moon it’s notorious reputation for crazy behavior.

Gemini is an air sign associated with the mind, communication, change, restlessness, and new ideas. The tarot card associated with this full moon is the Eight of Swords.  In this card, a woman is blindfolded and hemmed in by eight swords surrounding her on all sides. It suggests that she feels trapped with no way out. In tarot, swords represent thoughts, anxiety, and problems; her fearful thoughts have grown rampant and taken over. Some of us may be feeling just like the character in this card during the full moon.  We feel stuck, bored, and trapped in our current situation. During a Gemini full moon we get shaken up, and we finally admit we need a change of scenery, we need something new in our lives.

Since Gemini rules the mind, during this full moon we may begin to see that a lot of the fears we are facing are just illusions in our mind, and we will hopefully start to see options open to us that we didn’t see before. In other words, we begin to find solutions to our unique problems.

Gemini also rules writing, so this next week would be a great time to grab a journal and write out your fears along with what you think is holding you back. Anytime I start putting pen to paper and writing my issues out, I almost always begin to see solutions to them and ways I can support and help myself.

Mars square full moon: Tempers May Flare!

Mars, the warrior planet, will make a difficult aspect to this full moon. It may sound scary, but this can actually help us get out of our rut and take action. This aspect can also bring up a lot of hidden anger and bitterness. Since Gemini is associated with communication, but Mars is squaring this full moon, we could easily lash out verbally during the next week or so. Patience, and showing restraint with the pen and tongue—and the Send button—will be necessary to get through this without doing a lot of emotional and relationship damage we will regret later. Mars is a tricky planet. If we didn’t have Mars, we’d have no motivation to change, but if we don’t temper Mars with some restraint, it can get ugly quick. We need to find some constructive ways to channel our anger and frustration. Doing something physical like exercise, yard work, or cleaning the house can help.

Nodes change signs (November 6 2018): Put Family First

In astrology, the nodes are not actual planets but mathematical points on the chart. The nodes are where the moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic. They represent karma we need to work out in this lifetime. On November 6th, the North Node moved into Cancer and the South Node moved into Capricorn. They’ll remain in these signs for the next 18 months.  With the South Node in Capricorn, we are working out karma related to our careers, ambition, responsibility, status, and recognition. The South Node is where we’ve been, while the North Node—in Cancer—is where we’re headed. It’s the direction we need to take in order to work through that South Node in Capricorn karma.

Cancer represents family, emotion, and nurturing. In order to gain recognition and be successful in our careers, we need to make our personal relationships a priority. We need to strengthen our connection to family and nurture the relationships right in front of us.  We need to pull together, communicate with each other, and support and take care of one another.  When we do that, we’ll find our success, and our careers and businesses will prosper and soar.



Kevin has been studying astrology since 1992 and began reading professionally in 2007.  He combines 26 years of experience with astrology and a fascination for numerology and tarot as tools for personal and spiritual growth.  For more information on Kevin, you may see more on our readers page,  Call the store to book a reading with Kevin at 713-993-0550.