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Get your Groove Back With Full Moon in Sagittarius

Get your Groove Back With Full Moon in Sagittarius

Tuesday, May 29 the Moon will be full at 9:19 am CST in the sign of Sagittarius.  During a full moon the Sun and Moon are facing one another in opposite signs; the Moon is receiving light from the Sun.  Illuminating is a word associated with a full moon because it cast light on what’s hidden.  It’s during a full moon when we are most apt to tell the truth about how we feel or who we are.

Sagittarius tends to be an optimistic sign that is looking for inspiration.  If you’ve been feeling down as of late you will find that during a Sagittarius full moon that you can get your groove back!  Now is the time to throw off the doom and gloom and embrace hope and possibilities, to look on the bright side.  You’re being pushed to get out of your comfort zone and say “yes” to life.

Travel, especially foreign travel, is associated with Sagittarius so now is the perfect time to think about or plan a trip this summer, maybe somewhere you’ve never been before.

During this full moon, Mars, the planet of action, is making a nice, flowing aspect to the Sun.  Our confidence and energy are up during a Mars/Sun aspect.  If you’ve been putting things off, you now get your energy back and you’re ready to take action and initiate something.

Because you’re feeling more confident you feel good about the decisions you make and if others challenge those decisions you’re more than ready to defend yourself.  Chances are you won’t be all “snippy”, you’ll actually be cool about it because you trust yourself now.

Mars will also make an easy aspect to Mercury the planet of the mind and communication.  Possibilities you didn’t see before suddenly come into view.  If previous plans didn’t work out, no problem, as you become inspired to get creative and try something new.  Instead of griping about the problem you become part of the solution.

Now, with Mars being associated with the Warrior archetype and Mercury being associated with the Messenger archetype there is the possibility that the second a thought enters your mind it could come out of your mouth just as quickly and without a filter.

Years ago I remember talking to a friend about a predicament I was in and that I was contemplating whether I should speak a serious truth to someone.  I’ll never forget the advice my friend gave.  He told me to ask three questions:  Does it need to be said?  Does it need to be said by me?  Does it need to be said right now?  Brilliant advice that has saved me on numerous occasions from making a complete ass of myself.

KevinCasey_roundwritten by Kevin Casey, astrologer and tarot card reader at Body Mind & Soul. Call us to book him for a reading, #713-993-0550.