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Gifts to Nurture the Soul

Gifts to Nurture the Soul

The holiday season often brings to mind those loved ones who are suffering in some way. You may have a relative who recently lost someone close to them, and they are grieving this year. Or you might have a friend who is sick or in the hospital. Even our own need for healing can make itself known at this time. Giving to and nurturing these souls, as well as our own, is a priority as Thanksgiving and Christmas roll into the New Year. With the moon in Taurus today reminding us that giving and receiving go hand in hand, we want to point out some of the more nurturing gifts you can give this holiday to bring a little love and healing into your life and the lives of those you care for

Lavender Valencia Spa Mask – $25

Lavender soothes the body and the mind, helping us release tension, alleviate pain, and find restorative sleep. These beautiful spa masks filled with lavender and flaxseed from Sonoma Valley, California are wonderfully soft to the touch and fragrant, and can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to enhance their therapeutic qualities.

Alpaca Throw Blanket – $95

The effectiveness of a soft touch to soothe has been scientifically proven. That’s why we love to recommend these alpaca throws! These sturdy blankets feel as delicate as silk, are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and hand washable. Plus, they’re fair trade and the animals are cared for and treated humanely. Wrapping up in one of these throws is sure to relieve stress and  bring comfort for anyone on your list this year.



Rose Quartz Hearts – $33 and up (Smaller sizes available in store)

Rose quartz is the quintessential “compassion” crystal. This tender healer is known for bringing solace, releasing fear and negativity, and reminding us to nurture ourselves and others. These beautiful hearts deliver love and empathy to the recipient long after the gift-giving is over.

The Art of Extreme Self-Care – $14.99

This incredible book should be on everybody’s must-read list. In it, author Cheryl Richardson walks you through one exercise in self-nurturing after another in order to help you build a beautiful life for yourself first, and then those you love.


Color Me Happy – $16.99


Color Me Calm – $16.99


Coloring Mandalas 4 – $18.95







Coloring for grown-ups is the hot, new trend in stress relief. It’s amazing what a few minutes sitting quietly and working on a picture can do for your well being. These coloring books make excellent gifts for anyone who may be laid up in a hospital bed this year, or working through a difficult time.




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