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Harvest Season

Harvest Season

The first official harvest date is upon us. The beginning of August is a time to bring in the grain and celebrate the start of the fall harvest season. And while things continue to heat up here in Texas, in other parts of the world, summer is already loosening it’s grip on the ebbing days.

Modern living leaves us feeling disconnected from the earth’s cycles, from the dependable beat of sowing and reaping in turn as we once knew them in largely agricultural societies. But that needn’t mean we can’t align with the powerful energy of this season. Here are five ways you can reap the rewards of the harvest season this year.

Think & Grow Rich 

No, I don’t mean the book. Although you can pick it up for an excellent read in the right direction. What I’m talking about is putting your focus on your finances and finding ways in which your life has been enriched. With your attention on abundance, you are sure to prosper as much this season as any farmer.


Feng Shui for Wealth & Abundance – $17.99


Bring the Outdoors In

Take a walk in the woods, stroll through your yard. Look for evidence of the seasons changing. Find acorns and pinecones and seeds, things that remind you of the ever turning cycles of nature. Bring them indoors where you can be reminded that we are not so very far from Mother Earth after all.

Feast & Make Merry

Harvest season was traditionally a time for feasting on the hard-won fruits of our labor. Gather family and friends and throw together a delightful meal. Bask in the company of those you love and allow yourself to connect to the joys of the family table.

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Get Crafty

Decorate a wreath for the door, make corn dollies with your kids, or create something beautiful and hand-crafted for your home. These special touches remind us that life is to be celebrated, not just lived.

Count Your Blessings

No time like the present to start reaping the benefits of a healthy gratitude practice. Take a look back on this year as it draws nearer its close. What are you most grateful for? How were you blessed? Reconnecting with these happy moments allows us to relive the little joys that make life a worthwhile experience.

A Year of Gratitude Kit – $29.95
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