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How to Create Your Own Sacred Space

How to Create Your Own Sacred Space

What is Sacred Space?

Sacred space is space that is sacred. 

When people refer to their “sacred space”, they are often referring to a place in their home that is a special spot dedicated to what they feel is sacred. For some, it may be the space where they create art, it may be space where they pray, it may be the space where they go to have quiet time to think, it could be where they honor their ancestors, it could be where they go to perform rituals or divination. It could be all those reasons put together. Basically, it is a space that is important to you. The reasons you find that space important are entirely your own.

Is it absolutely necessary for you to have a sacred space as you proceed on your path? No. 

There is no rule that says you must have one. Sacred spaces, however, are quite helpful on any spiritual path. They are also nice and useful for mental wellbeing.


The word sacred can mean a couple different things. According to Merriam-Webster, it can mean something that is 

  • dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity. 
  • devoted exclusively to one service or use
  • worthy of religious veneration
  • entitled to reverence and respect. 

You will need to decide what your intention is and why you want it.

Location and Space

When just starting out on a spiritual path, many people feel like they have to “go big or go home.” They feel as if they have to have a grandiose space, a plethora of crystals, candles, sage wands etc before they even get started. This often leads to the person feeling overwhelmed and having little motivation to actually start. 

Don’t let yourself fall into that trap. We live in a society that is heavily influenced by social media. It can be easy to compare yourself and what you have against what other people are doing or what they have, many of whom you’ve never met. Give yourself permission to excuse yourself from what everyone else is doing. This sacred space is for YOU. 

In the minimalist sense, you don’t need anything but yourself, your intention, and a selected location. 

For the location, select a spot that you feel safe, creative, happy, or calm. It can be in any room of the house, yes, even the bathroom or a closet. It can be outside. For those fortunate enough to have a backyard, it could be by your favorite tree or a spot you like to sit. For those in compact spaces, like an apartment, maybe it’s right next to your doorstep on your patio. If you happen to have a spot in the woods that you like where you like to hovel, bring items with you when you visit. Open yourself up to possibility when selecting a location. Feel the energy around you. When you find it, you will know. 

What goes in my sacred space?

Depending on what intention you set, there are many options of items that you can put in your space. Remember, there is no wrong way to do this. The items below are ideas that you are free to implement how you see fit. Take what works for you, leave what doesn’t. You can go as minimalist or decorative as you would like. If you happen to have an outside space that you travel to, you certainly can bring items with you.  

Fabric & Pillows

For many, sacred space is a meditation space. It can be a lot of sitting. It’s nice to have at least one pillow to support your body as you contemplate the secrets of the universe. Fabric is a nice addition as well. It can be decorative, maybe the color symbolizes the current season or upcoming holy day. They  can be used to place your sacred tools (tarot, pendulums, sacred text…things like that) on while working with them. Fabric can also inspire feelings of comfort and safety. 


Plants are a wonderful way to honor your sacred space. Plants are living beings and have their own language. They often will reach out to assist us on our path if we are open to that possibility. There is a multitude of plants that are often listed as air purifiers. Certain plants are helpful for anxiety or protection. When you’re able to connect with plants on a spiritual level, even if you’re by yourself, you will never truly feel alone. If you are honoring a particular deity, saints, ancestors, or holy days in your sacred space, flowers are a great offering. In addition, they bring color, scent, and vibrancy to the space.


Statues, figurines, and symbols are both a visual and tangible way to connect with a deity, saint, angel, spirit guides, spirit animal, familiar, energy, spiritual path, or idea. This is especially useful for visual and tactile learners. They come in many shapes and sizes. You can purchase them or make your own. Have a look around outside, sometimes you can find stones or sticks or objects that remind you of these things. (Example: a stone shaped like a Mother Goddess, a stick that looks like a rune, a flower that looks like a star.) If something calls to you in nature, always ask permission. If you feel a “yes” in your body, then it is okay to bring it to your space. Be sure to leave an offering of some sort as a token of thanks. If you feel a “no” in your body, then leave it be. 


Like plants, crystals have their own language, properties, and magic. Having a few in your sacred space will help to bring in clean energy, protect your space, and/or help you manifest intentions or strengthen prayers. While there are thousands of stones to choose from and each brings something different to the table. Start small and with something that you connect with. Whether you find the stone in nature or at a shop, take a moment to tune in and see what draws you to it. You can always look up the meaning and properties later. 

Selenite: Associated with the moon, helps to charge and cleanse spaces, beings, and other stones. 

Lepidolite: Calming and sweet. Great if you need respite after a stressful day.

Obsidian, Jet, or Black Tourmaline: All of these are wonderful protection stones. 

Aquamarine: Assists you to explore the depths of your emotions so that you can speak your truth. Also a calming stone.

These are just a few to get started. Understand that the size and quantity of those do not matter. What matters is how you connect with them, even if it’s just a tiny pocket stone. 

Photos & Artwork

Photos are a great way to honor the people in your life, be it immediate family, ancestors, mentors, friends, a person who inspires you. Perhaps you have a relative or mentor who passed on or who lives far away, their picture can help you to remember the lessons they taught you. Maybe you have a picture of you and your friends doing a ritual at the beach, it could help you connect to them and to the magic you created. Artworks such as paintings, drawings, jewelry, sculptures can go beyond being decorative. Maybe a certain painting provokes deep thoughts within you, maybe a handmade labradorite necklace gives you the courage to pray, maybe the scribbles that your 3 year old made for your birthday brings you into a place of warm fuzzies that help you to tend to your own inner child. Whatever your reason, photos and artwork are an excellent addition to your space. 

Books & Journals

Oh the scent of books….It’s good to have a few books in your sacred space. It could be fiction, non-fiction, philosophical, spiritual, or history. Stories have a way of teaching us and shaping our character. In fact, in ancient days and still in many cultures in present days, we tell stories to pass down wisdom and history. Connecting with a book can help you tap into that energy while you are in your sacred space. Reading also helps to open our minds to new ideas. It also guides us to self-reflection. Which is where the journal comes in. Self-reflection is a key component to healing and knowing one’s self.  Taking a deep dive into your emotions and psyche can be scary to say out loud, and so, many write this down in a journal. It doesn’t have to be endlessly long, flowery and philosophical that goes on for pages and pages (although you’re certainly welcome to), it can be simple bullet points. Some people do write, rather they draw their emotions while experiencing them. Your journal can document rituals, important family events, intentions, spells, plants, remedies…..There is so much that you can put into a journal. If you keep up with them, it can also be a good way to look back at them after time has passed and see just how far you’ve come. 

Spiritual Tools

Spiritual tools can be anything that you use in your spiritual practice. They can be used for self-reflection, meditation, celebration, divination, prayer, etc. This list is composed of items that we did not list in previous sections. This is by no means a comprehensive list, rather these are items that you could have in your space. Please remember that you do not have to have these in your space. 

  • Tarot or Oracle Cards
  • Crystals
  • Candles
  • Yoga Mat or Meditation Cushion
  • Sound Bowls, Chimes or Drums
  • Sage, Herbs, or Incense
  • Pendulum or Runes
  • Rosary or Mala beads
  • Holy or Blessing Water
  • Charged Water (Moon, Sun, etc.)
  • Personal Amulets/Talismans
  • Feathers, Leaves or other nature symbols
  • Ceremonial Chalice, Athame, Cauldron or Wand
  • Sacred Symbols or Statues (Cross, Buddha, Saints, etc.)
  • Sacred Texts or Calendars
  • How often do I need to clean or clear the energy?

    Cleaning and clearing the energy in your space is a necessary and important task. By cleaning the space, this could mean dusting, reorganizing items, sweeping, and mopping the floor etc. By clearing the energy, this could mean smudging, using blessing/holy water, energetically sweeping.  Do it as often as you feel necessary.

    If you have had a particularly difficult time while in your space and you feel the energy is blocked, then clean and clear your space. Sometimes the act of doing these things helps to release our own mental blocks and wash away our emotional debris. 

    Many people clean and clear at certain times of the month or year. Below are some ideas. Give it a try and see what works for you.

  • Waxing Crescent Moon
  • Waning Crescent Moon
  • Cultural Holy Days 
  • 1st of each month
  • Sundays
  • Spring Equinox
  • Summer Solstice
  • Autumnal Equinox
  • Winter Solstice
  • Spiritual Holy Days
  • Before Rituals
  • After Rituals

  • Final Thoughts

    There are many different ways to create a sacred space. There are also many people who have written books, posted on social media, created videos on the subject. Remember friend, there is no wrong way to do it. Educate yourself on different possibilities, but in the end, do it how you would like to do it. It’s your space and your spiritual path. Trust your intuition. You can ask the Universe to send guidance. Like you, your space will grow with time. Many of us started out small with a rock or figurine, a picture, and a flower on top of our dressers. That is completely okay. Many blessings to you on your journey. Be well. 

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      Denise Welling