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Interviewing our Angel Teachers

Interviewing our Angel Teachers

As our December Angel Experience continues, we have two heavenly events lined up for this weekend – a FREE event Friday evening from 6:00 – 8:00 pm entitled Angelic Archangel Metatron Power Hour with angelic jewelry designer Debbie Clemens and divine psychic channel Janelle Hoyland and a Saturday workshop from 2:00 – 4:00 pm entitled How Angels Talk to You with Energy Medicine and Reiki practitioner, Brandi Khan.

Today we bring you a brief interview with our master angel teachers, Janelle and Brandi, to give you a little taste of the exciting weekend to come.

1. What are angels to you? How would you define them to someone else?

Janelle: I know everything based on feeling, so to me, angels serve as guides. They feel light like air – mostly ethereal. Archangel Michael feels sturdy, rooted, and clear. I ask angels for help with everything from burns on my hand to relationships. Angels, to me, do not move in the same way as guides or loved ones that have passed do. They glide effortlessly in a smooth way. Most days, I see them flicker in my peripheral vision. They also have colors that I see associated with them, vibrant colors that are unique to each one. Feathers are a great indication that your angels are near you and guiding you.

Brandi: Angels are magnificent beings that fill our world with love and light, while at the same time providing guidance and assistance to humanity. They look upon us with great love and focus solely upon the potential that lies dormant within our hearts.

2. Who are your personal angels—which angels do you communicate or work with most?

Janelle: I communicate with Archangel Michael the most, as well as Metatron. My personal angel guide is Angelica. I ask for help on everything I do in life.

Brandi: I have always had a natural affinity for Archangel Michael. I feel like I can accomplish anything in the world when he is with me! As a Reiki Master, I rely heavily upon Archangel Raphael and his healing team of angels when I conduct a healing session for a client. And finally, my life work of communicating and spreading light as a teacher has been largely directed by Archangel Gabriel.
My connection to my Guardian Angels, who are always with me, grows stronger each day. I am in such a state of gratitude for all of the love and support that they shower upon me throughout my journey here on Earth.

3. Why do you think it’s important to share what you know about angels with others?

Janelle: I think that people think you have to be special or know some trick to connect with angels. In reality, you are assigned help from the time of birth, so they are waiting for you to just simply ask. You have your own unique way of communicating with your angel helpers. At any given time, you have no less than five angels willing to assist you. The goal is for you to always know you are fully supported and never alone in your journey here. I know that if you ask for help getting to know your team of angels, they will lead you if you are open to the signs. Remain open – there is no wrong or right way.

Brandi: Along this spiritual path, there are many people who have traveled before me and cleared the way, making it easier for any who would follow. They shared their spiritual knowledge and showed me how to connect with the very best parts of myself. If I can do the same for those who come after me, I feel that I would be fulfilling a large part of my life mission. We are all here to learn from each other and I feel that my knowledge and experiences may be a light on the path for another person that reveals the way to their higher self.


For more guidance, you can book a reading with Janelle at Body Mind & Soul – click here to learn more!

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