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Keeping It Real with the Full Moon in Capricorn

Keeping It Real with the Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn + Lunar Eclipse: Keeping It Real

There will be a full moon and lunar eclipse this Tuesday, July 16, at 4:38 pm CST. A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon when the earth is exactly between the sun and the moon, either partially or totally blocking the sunlight from reaching the moon. This particular eclipse will be a partial eclipse.

A full moon occurs when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree; in this case the sun will be in Cancer opposite the moon in Capricorn.

On a psychological and spiritual level, this cosmic event can illuminate that secret part of ourselves we keep hidden or tucked away from others. We fear being overwhelmed with embarrassment or shame if this secret were to be exposed, but embarrassment and shame aren’t what really matters here. The real opportunity we're being given is about getting real and honest with ourselves and others. That's the deeper, more enlightened lessonat heart.

In Jungian psychology this is called embracing “the shadow”. Cancer, like all water signs, is sensitive and feeling while Capricorn, an earth sign, is concerned with practicality and results. We’re being challenged to let our wallsCapricorndown and embrace our feelingsCancer. In pop psychology, intimacy is defined as in-to-me-see. In other words, we’re being challenged to tell the truth about who we really are.   

The tarot card linked to this eclipse is the Four of Pentacles. In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck this card shows a man with a scowl on his face clutching a coin. He is alone with no one around him. He seems highly protective and unable to relax.  This card perfectly illustrates one of the themes of this lunar eclipseprotecting the heart. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a protective stance, but this card carries the energy of paranoia. The Four of Pentacles suggests that you’re being overly cautious and protective and it’s blocking you from a deeper emotional and spiritual connection with others. This card is about choosing love over fear. 

Pluto Conjunct the Moon: Baring Your Soul

Adding intensity to this lunar eclipse is Pluto’s conjunction to the moon. A conjunction occurs when two planets are close to one another in the same sign.  In mythology, Pluto is known as the Lord of the Underworld. Pluto loves to bring to the surface the very thing that has been pushed down, suppressed, or hidden.  The moon is the natural ruler of the 4th House in astrology and the sign of Cancer. All threethe 4th House, the Moon, and Cancerare linked with emotions, home, and family.

During this lunar eclipse you may start to think more deeply about what home and family means to you. Yes, you have the blood family you were born into. But who are the other people in your life that you share an almost unbreakable tie with?  Have you found your tribeyour people? Who are your “go-to people” when you are in crisis? Are you afraid you could lose someone close to you? Are you distancing or isolating yourself from those closest to you?

With such deep emotions being stirred up, our fear of abandonment can get triggered. So we keep our deepest feelings to ourselves for fear that it would destroy certain relationships if we shared those feelings. For those who pride themselves on self-sufficiency and independence, it may be time to let that go and take an emotional risk.

Please join Kevin Tuesday, July 16th, from 6:00 - 7:00 pm for a Full Moon Ceremony. Click here to register!



Kevin has been studying astrology since 1992 and began reading professionally in 2007.  He combines 26 years of experience with astrology and a fascination for numerology and tarot as tools for personal and spiritual growth.  For more information on Kevin, you may see more on our readers page,  Call the store to book a reading with Kevin at 713-993-0550.