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Leo, Roar For Me

Leo, Roar For Me


It’s official. The new shop is a Leo!

We share our natal date with such luminaries as a Superman, (Dean Cain), the drummer from REM, (Bill Berry), and the creator of Harry Potter, (J.K. Rowling.) Not a shabby group.

Kevin cuOur esteemed astrologer, Kevin Casey, did a chart on our new store and had good news for our new venture. “With a Leo sun and a Gemini moon, the store’s approach to spirituality will be fun, lighthearted, and playful. The spiritual path focuses us on creativity.”

That seems to sum up the Body Mind and Soul philosophy. We have always strived to have an library of information wrapped inside a light hearted and fun environment.

“Lighten up, says Leo and Gemini. The path of spiritual growth doesn’t have to be heavy and difficult,” Kevin adds. “It can be fun and creative. Libra rising gives us a focus on beauty and harmony. This is the time and place to make your living environment harmonious and reflect your personality.”

Visit our Feng Shui section to get ideas for organizing and setting up your environment for success. Move your stuffHave you read “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life?” Talk about life changing. I am personally taking the Feng Shui challenge and moving my house around accordingly. Stay tuned for the results!

Kevin is available on Tuesdays and Fridays to give you a reading that will change and explain your life according to astrology, numerology, and tarot. Call us at 713  993 0550 for more details.

palmcrystalballThree of our customers correctly guessed our July 31st birthday. We threw their names in a hat and Flisa Stevenson has won our “when will we ever open” contest and now is the proud owner of a brand new crystal ball. Here’s looking at the future with you kid!