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Make the Most of New Moon Energy

Make the Most of New Moon Energy

In just a couple of days, on Saturday June the 4th, we’ll experience another new moon, this one in Gemini. New moons herald a time for setting intentions, for fresh starts and new beginnings, for opening space in our lives to expand. This particular new moon will be focused on relationships and communication because of Gemini’s alignment with those aspects. But we wanted to spotlight how you can benefit from new moon energy year round without being an expert astrologer. Here are five ways you can harness the power and energy of each new moon regardless of the sign the moon is falling in or the time of year.

1. Brainstorm

Because new moons signify the start of the lunar cycle, they are an excellent time for generating creative ideas and solutions to old troubles. You’re at the very beginning of the process here, so get out a pen and your favorite journal and ask yourself, “What am I not happy with right now? What needs changing?” Then write that thing at the top of the page and brainstorm all the ways you can begin to realize the actual shift. What steps could you take? What directions open up? Don’t get hung up on the details, you’re just spitballing, using the new moon’s energy to open to the possibilities. Once you land on some notions that stick, commit to the first step. Let the new moon propel toward the change you want to see manifest.

2. Get Creative

Been thinking about painting a mural on that wall in your meditation room? Plan on designing your own business website? Whatever creative aims or projects you’ve been considering, now’s the time to get the jump on them. The new moon stirs our creative juices and inspires our inner muse. But remember, the finished product is not the focus, the masterpiece is in the process. If you can’t think of anything to create, don’t worry! Grab a trendy coloring book and a box of crayons and go to town.

3. Plant Something

Dig a garden or fill out your flower bed. Maybe it’s time to finally pull out that kitchen herb garden kit you’ve had in the closet for three years running. Maybe your succulent pups need their own terrarium in the living room. Get your hands in the dirt and plant something, anything. And while you’re at it, think about what else is begging to be seeded in your world right now. This is a perfect occasion to give something new it’s own ground in your life, whether that’s a houseplant or a new fitness goal.

4. Clear Your Space

Pull out the sage wand and the abalone shell, it’s smudging time! Or ring your treasured Tibetan signing bowl or spray your favorite essential oil blend. However you like to clear space, do it now. Give yourself the gift of a clean slate to start over with, inside and out. If you’ve never cleared space before and aren’t sure where to start, check out our DIY step-by-step blog on the subject, Space Clearing Basics.

5. Reconnect

With your spouse, with your dog, with your soul. Whatever or whoever has been sidelined in your life, take some time out to reestablish your connection. This is a great time to schedule a monthly date-night or luncheon with friends. It’s an ideal time to take your inner child out to play on a fun excursion or to visit your great aunt Mabel. These moments are your touchstones. They reestablish your priorities in life for the duration of the next cycle. Make them count.



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    Denise Welling