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Mercury Retrograde: June 18 – July 12

Mercury Retrograde: June 18 – July 12

Mercury Retrograde

June 18 – July 12

Mercury retrograde begins this Thursday June 18 at midnight CST and will last until July 12.  Mercury retrograde is actually an optical- illusion, Mercury doesn’t really change directions it just looks like it from our vantage point on earth; this cosmic phenomenon happens three and sometimes four times in a year. 

In astrology, Mercury rules communication, short trips, phones, transportation and social media. Astrologers have different takes on how a retrograde planet operates; I agree with a lot of modern day astrologers that believe a retrograde planet is a planet that isn’t operating at full capacity, the planet is acting abnormally.  Since Mercury rules short trips and transportation you’ll hear astrologers tell clients to reconsider travel plans during Mercury retrograde.  Troubles related to travel could be delayed or cancelled flights, lost luggage, lost reservation or car trouble.  Of course, changing travel plans isn’t always possible and many people travel during this time with no trouble at all. 

You’ll also hear astrologers warn people not to sign contracts or make a big purchase like a house or car during Mercury retrograde.  The belief here is you could have major problems with the house or car once you’ve purchased it.  Again, it isn’t always possible to avoid signing on a house or car during this time so I advise my clients to take their time going over the contract and be sure to read all the fine print.  I do want to point out that what can look like a loss on the outside, like a contract falling through at the last minute, can really be a blessing in disguise; I’ve seen that happen with others and I’ve experienced it first-hand. You’ll look back on the situation and think, thank God that didn’t work out.      

Problems with technology is also very common during this time; maybe you or someone you know had to purchase a new computer or phone because the old one crashed during a retrograde. One of the most important aspects of our lives associated with Mercury is communication.  In mythology Mercury was known as the winged messenger of the gods hence his link to communication.  In our modern world not only do with have the written and spoken word but we also have texts, posts, tweets, messages and emails. We really have to think and be responsible with our communication during this time.  With instant communication at our fingertips, it has become very easy to send out an impulsive message.  It’s during a Mercury retrograde where we are apt to say something and a second later regret it and wish we could take it back. 

In the end Mercury retrograde actually has a spiritual purpose and it’s quite simple; it’s a three week time period where we need to unplug, we need to step back and take a breath.  Mercury retrograde teaches us that sometimes the Universe has a better plan than the one we’ve cooked up.  In other words, let things unfold, just allow things to happen.  It’s easier said than done because we’re so tempted to get in there and try to “fix” things but our attempts to “fix” things just creates more problems.  If you’re like me you do this because you’re scared you’re not going to get what you want.  So over the next three weeks try to go with the flow, practice accepting people and situations as they are and not as you would like them to be.  Let go and let the Universe work it’s magic.

Image Source by NakNakNak and FreePhotos by Pixabay 

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    Denise Welling