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Shake It Up with the New Moon in Aquarius

Shake It Up with the New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius: Shake It Up

The moon will be new in the airy sign of Aquarius on January 24, at 3:42 pm CST. New moons are about new beginnings, so it’s a great time to set new intentions and make new wishes. Uranusthe ruler of Aquariussquares this new moon meaning it makes a difficult aspect to the moon. When two planets square one another, they shake us up, they get our attention.

Aquarian energy can be rebellious and nonconformist, while Uranus is known as the Great Awakener. If we’re stuck in a rut, we won’t be for long when Aquarius and Uranus arrive on the scene. Uranus shakes us up if we’ve become complacent, stuck, or stale. Uranus wants to keep us on our toes and moving in new directions.

Both Aquarius and Uranus rule the 11th housethe astrological house of the future, friendships, associates, groups and our long term hopes and wishes. Do you know where you’re headed? Have you found your tribe? Are your friendships supportive and encouraging, or draining and depleting? Maybe you’ve wandered off your path in order to make others happy, and in the process you’ve forgotten about your hopes and dreams. This new moon can serve as your shake-up, wake-up call to get back on track.

If you’re lost and don’t know where to begin, start with your sun sign. Your sun sign is the sign you identify with when someone asks you, “What’s your sign”?  It’s the most important part of our chart. It’s what you’re good at already. If you don’t do your sun sign, you won’t be happy, so learn everything you can about this sign.

As Debbi Kempton-Smith says in Secrets of a Stargazer’s Notebook, “The sun tells you what you’re learning to be. Ignore it and you’ll never be happy. The sun sign shows your pot of gold, the gifts and talents you have at your fingertips.” Focus on and practice the best traits of your sun sign and you’ll shine.    

The tarot card associated with this new moon is the Five of Swords. In most any tarot deck, the Five of Swords has an ominous look and feel to it. In the tarot, swords are linked to the element of air (Aquarius) and to challenges, strife, and difficulty. In certain decks, this card is titled Defeat. So what can this card tell us about the upcoming new moon? We are harboring fearfear that we’ll be defeated, fear that things will not work out; fear that we won’t get what we really want.

The Five of Swords brings to mind the times in our lives when we were disappointed, when something or someone slipped through our fingers. The Five of Swords brings our fears to the surface and fear constricts us and holds us back from fulfilling our mission. We’re afraid things will be like they were before, but this doesn’t have to be the case. The new moon in Aquarius is a time to release our fears and the negative thinking that constricts us and holds us back. History doesn’t have to repeat itself.

As you head toward the new moon and you think about the changes you’d like to make, really pay attention to the fears that come up; some of these fears could go all the way back to childhood. In the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles, it’s during these moments that we ask God, Goddess, the Universe for a miracle. And a miracle according to the Course is nothing more than a shift in our perception. So basically, we’re asking our Higher Power to correct our thinking and to help us see a person or situation differently. We’re asking for the gift of change.