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New Moon In Aquarius + Crystal Grid

New Moon In Aquarius + Crystal Grid

Friday night at 6:07 p.m. CST we’ll be welcoming another new moon, this one in Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign of originality and authenticity. An air sign, it carries a distinctly cerebral flavor, putting focus on our higher throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

This particular new moon has a strong aspect with Mercury with a heavy emphasis on original thoughts and ideas. The end game? This new moon is all about creating a change in perspective and looking at where you need to reframe your perceptions. 

They say a miracle is really a shift in perspective, a move from fear to love. So we thought the perfect crystal grid to go with this Aquarian new moon would be a Manifesting Miracles grid.

We’ve narrowed the miracle manifesting process down to four major steps:

  1. Clarifying our vision – manipulating perspective
  2. Dropping resistance + fear – stepping into acceptance
  3. Opening the heart – welcoming love
  4. Material change – manifesting the shift

And we’ve chosen crystals to correlate with each of these in order to work the energy of this new moon plus an amplifying crystal for the anchor stone. Additionally, we’re working with the number 5, the dynamic number of change in numerology. Five carries the energy of adaptability, adventurousness, and quick-wittedness. You’ll see this number repeated in the number crystals we utilize (4+1), as well as how many of each one.

Taking our cue from Aquarius’ cerebral focus, we’re starting our grid with an anchor stone that will activate the crown chakra. In our case, we’re using a clear quartz point, but a selenite tower would be another great option for this spot.

  • Place your anchor stone in the center of your grid or template. We’re using a flower of life image, but you can choose whatever works for you, or skip the template altogether.


We follow that up with a ring of iolite, a crystal of the third eye, to help us hone in on that clarity of vision and the ability to manipulate our perspective.

  • Place your five iolite tumbles in a circle just around the circumference of your anchor stone.


Next, we bring in lithium quartz to help drop our resistance and ease our fears   both those that block us from change as well as those that arise around the possibility of change. This supremely calming stone will enable us to move into a state of acceptance or allowing.

  • Place your five lithium quartz tumbles or points in a circle just outside of the iolite ones.


Third, we call on rose quartz to help us open our hearts and welcome the energy of love.

  • Place your five rose quartz tumbles in between each of the lithium quartz tumbles or points.


And finally, we utilize orange selenite to draw this energy downward into substantial and material change, where it can be reflected back to us in our world experience and circumstances.

  • Place each of your orange selenite tumbles in a circle just outside of the lithium quartz tumbles or points.


You should end up with three concentric circles of stones. You’ll notice that our grid moves from the higher chakras to the lower chakras as it expands outward, following the pattern of energetic shift as it moves from Source, to consciousness, to heart awareness and emotional vibration, to sacral birth and manifestation.

For best results, set your grid at the time of the new moon or just after, leaving it up and active through the first quarter of the lunar cycle.


*Astrology and numerology information courtesy of Kevin Casey

**Crystal and grid information courtesy of Anna Silvernail


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    Denise Welling