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New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo

This Sunday, the Moon will be new in the sign of Leo at 4:46 am CST and will join the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and the North Node in the fiery sign of the Lion.

Leo is the ruler of the 5th House of self expression, creativity, courage, romance, and children. Aquarius, the sign opposite of Leo, places it’s focus on what is good for the whole, society, and the group while Leo’s focus is on me.

Focusing on the self can feel really uncomfortable. We fear appearing selfish and self-involved, but that’s exactly what this new moon is asking us to do. Without worrying about the approval of others, what do you need to express? What do you need to do just for you?

In medical astrology Leo rules the heart, so we aren’t coming from a selfish place. We’re needing to express what’s in our hearts right now. Some of us may be burning the candle at both ends and need a moment to do something for ourselves before we completely burn out. Others may feel our efforts are going unnoticed and would like a little recognition or appreciation.

Once we start to take care of ourselves it’s natural for some of the people in our lives to become jealous or insecure and try to lay a guilt trip on us. Let it pass. Spend time with the people who support you.

Uranus is a major player in our cosmic drama this week. Some of you have been asking me, “What’s up this week, is it Mercury Retrograde?”

It’s Uranus making difficult aspects to the Sun and Mars, and this weekend it will make a difficult aspect to the new moon. In astrology, Uranus is known as the Great Awakener because it shakes everything up, it doesn’t want us getting stuck, stale, or rigid. Just like the Tower card in the Tarot deck, Uranus brings down anything built on a faulty foundation.

The Moon rules our emotions and our family, so with a Uranus/Moon aspect this week we may see a whole lot of shakin’ in the family department. Some of us may need to have a confrontation with a family member or step away from a family situation for a while because it isn’t good for us—or as we say in therapy circles, it’s toxic. A therapist once told me there is a difference between selfishness and healthy self-interest. The latter is what we are shooting for this week.

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    Denise Welling