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New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo

The moon will be new this Sunday, August 8 in the fiery sign of Leo at 8:50 am CST.  New moons occur every month with the sun and moon are conjunct meaning they are in the same sign at the same degree.  For this particular new moon the sun and moon are 16 degrees of Leo.  

Zodiac Facts:  Leo

One way to divide the twelve zodiac signs is by elements; fire, earth, air and water.  Leo is a fire sign meaning passion, enthusiasm and courage take center stage.  There is a restlessness to the fire signs along with a passion and flair for the dramatic and theatrical.  This is especially true for Leo because the sign of the Lion is linked to the 5th House, the astrological house associated with self-expression, theater, creativity, romance and love.  Being linked with the theatrical, Leos can be quite animated when expressing themselves.  Fire signs can thrive on and become addicted to excitement making them the thrill-seekers of the zodiac.  

Every zodiac sign belongs to one of the three modalities; cardinal, fixed or mutable.  The modality speaks to the attitude and nature of a sign.  Leo belongs to the fixed modality meaning Leo has staying power meaning they don’t give up easily.  The shadow side of this fixed nature means Leo can be deeply resistant to change so they must learn how to release control.  

Every sign has a ruling planet and for Leo that planet is the sun.  In astrological literature the sun and moon are referred to as planets for continuity’s sake.  In earlier astrological texts the sun and moon were referred to as Luminaries or Lights.  The sun is the center of our solar system and it’s the single point that all the planets revolve around, it’s literally center stage.  Leo’s connection with the sun gives this sign its leadership ability and sometimes needs to be the center of attention (think Madonna, a notorious Leo).  A new moon in Leo puts the focus back on ourselves.  If you feel you’ve been forgotten or overlooked in the past, a Leo new moon awakens our need to be recognized for our contributions. If you’re typically a person who doesn’t like the spotlight, this need for recognition may be surprising to the others in your life.  Outgoing or shy we all need to be recognized at times, we need to know we matter. 

Interestingly, Uranus the Great Awakener of the planets, will be making a square aspect to this new moon.  The square aspect in astrology means the planets involved are in a difficult relationship with one another.  Uranus is a planet associated with disruption, surprise, independence and eccentricity.  Uranus’ aspect to the new moon pushes us to stand up for ourselves and our individuality.  We want to do things our way and will dig in our heels if anyone tries to stop us.  Again, if we’ve been reticent about standing up for ourselves in the past, our more assertive behavior can seem shocking (a keyword for Uranus) to others.  

Libra Rising

Libra is the sign rising on the eastern horizon when this new moon occurs.  Libra is a sign associated with relationships and marriage.  If you’re single this Leo new moon may stir up a need for a relationship.  You may feel a romantic relationship is the missing link in your life especially after a year of isolation in our homes.  If you’re married or in a committed relationship this new moon in Leo may force problems that have been ignored to the surface.  

Libra is a sign associated with decisions so some of us may be faced with a very important decision at this time in our lives; something we can’t put off any longer.  It may be a difficult decision but deep inside you know if any progress is going to be made you can’t afford to put this decision on the “back burner” any longer.  

Making the most of the New Moon in Leo

New moons are like a monthly cosmic reset button.  As stated earlier, new moons occur every month when the sun and moon are conjunct.  Magically and spiritually speaking, new moons are the perfect time to make a wish or set a new intention.  

For a Leo new moon your intentions and wishes are most powerful when centered around Leo themes as discussed above; individuality, self-expression, creativity, romance or love.  Leo also rules children so if you’re thinking about starting a family this is a great new moon to set that intention for a child. 

Stone & Crystals and the New Moon in Leo

If you work with crystals, Topaz and tiger eye are great stones for this new moon.  According to Judy Hall in the Crystal Zodiac, both topaz and tiger eye aids with self-empowerment along with recognizing our inner riches and talents.  Tiger eye is also known to be a very protective stone.  

Since Leo is associated with the heart, rose quartz is another excellent stone to work with during this particular new moon.  If we’ve been holding on to past emotional and romantic hurts, rose quartz is recognized as a great healer of the heart.      

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