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New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

The moon will be new in the airy sign of Libra this Friday, October 16 at 2:31 pm CST.  New moons occur when the sun and moon are conjunct, meaning they’re in the same sign at the same degree.  For this particular new moon the sun and moon will both be at 23 degrees of Libra.  

Libra Zodiac Facts

Libra is an air sign meaning it leans toward the mental and the analytical.  Air signs tend to be the communicators and social butterflies of the zodiac; they crave conversations that stimulate them mentally.  Connecting with their emotions and trusting their intuition doesn’t come naturally for Libra; like their fellow air signs (Aquarius and Gemini) Libra is more comfortable with logic.  Figuring out their feelings can be difficult and confusing for them and frustrating for the people in their life.  This isn’t to say Libra energy can’t express their feelings or trust their intuition; it just takes patience and practice.  

Every sign belongs to a certain modality.  A modality in astrology refers to the nature of a sign and there are three modalities, cardinal, fixed and mutable.  Libra belongs to the cardinal modality meaning it’s a sign that initiates things.  Cardinal signs don’t want to just sit around, they want to get the ball rolling.

Every sign has a ruling planet and in Libra’s case that planet is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.  Each sign is connected to one of the twelves houses in astrology and Libra’s house is the 7th, the house of relationships, others and marriage.  

New Moon in Libra

New moons are about new beginnings.  Magically speaking, new moons are the perfect time to set new intentions and make wishes.  Since Libra is associated with love and relationships, this is a great moon to make a wish for new love.  What makes this lunation even more potent is the fact it falls on a Friday.  Every planet rules a day of the week and Venus rules Friday; this is why certain magical traditions suggest doing love spells on Friday.  Speaking of relationships, this new moon will be squared by Saturn.  Saturn/Moon aspects are habit breaking aspects and since we’re talking about relationships this means breaking the habit of getting involved with energy vampires.  During this Libra new moon you could become very frustrated with any relationship in your life that is needy and draining.  Some years ago I read a great book called Biting Back by Claudia Cunningham.  The book was about facing the personal vampires in your life and in one particular chapter she reminded us that approaching an energy-sucker with a reasonable conversation about how you feel doesn’t usually work because (according to vampire mythology) vampires can’t see their reflection.  Reading that was a huge turning point for me.  As silly as it may sound to some it made so much sense to me.  It’s something to think about. 

The cardinal modality I mentioned earlier is especially strong during this new moon.  Not only are the sun and moon in the cardinal sign of Libra but Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are also in the cardinal sign Capricorn while Chiron and Mars are in the other cardinal sign Aries.  We can find ourselves getting very agitated if others aren’t moving quick enough.  Mars, the planet of action and courage,

 is in the cardinal sign of Aries but the warrior planet is retrograde until November 14 so we may need to bide our time when it comes to putting our plans into action.  

Pluto’s Got the Power

Not only will Saturn be making an aspect to this Libra new moon but so will Pluto.  Pluto’s aspect to this lunation can bring up issues around owning our power.  If we’ve been holding ourselves back this may be the time that we finally unleash our potential.  Knowing you have this amazing potential and power within you is one thing but finding the courage to unleash it can be quite another.  Sometimes the Universe will step in and take care of things for us especially if we’ve been dragging our feet.  Any loss or setback at this new moon will be a blessing in disguise.  

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    Denise Welling