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New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

The moon will be new in the earthy sign of Taurus Wednesday 22 at 9:36 pm CST. In astrology when planets are in the same sign at the same degree this is called a conjunction and during a new moon the sun and moon are conjunct. New moons symbolize new beginnings so it’s a great time to set new intentions and make wishes. The day before the new moon is known as the dark moon; this is a time of
letting go, quiet, meditation, and cleaning out. The dark moon is a perfect time to spend some time to yourself as you clear out a closet, a drawer, or maybe the attic. Some astrologers believe you need to be cautious of anyone new you meet on the day of the dark moon because the person’s true intentions may not be visible to us.

Taurus is an earthy sign meaning it’s a more practical, sensual and security conscious. Being a fixed sign means Taurus can quite literally be fixed in their thinking and resistant to change however the bull’s strength is staying power and the ability to see projects through to completion. Affirmations, mantras, intentions and wishes around prosperity and abundance fit perfectly with a new moon in Taurus. 

Interestingly, this new moon will be squared (difficult aspect) by Saturn, the planet of karma and restriction. When Saturn squares the moon issues around habits, instinct, security and emotions are central while Saturn making a square to the sun brings up issues around restriction and liberation. During a Saturn-Moon aspect any relationships that have a devouring or smothering feel to them will become very frustrating. This would be the classic empath and narcissist/energy vampire dilemma. The moon also rules habits so a Saturn-Moon square can bring about the perfect energy to break bad habits. During Saturn-Sun aspects we’re dealing with themes around restrictions (Saturn) to the self (sun). If we’ve been feeling held back or not reaching our potential a Saturn-Sun aspect can help in liberating that potential. Again, this can harken back to the empath and narcissist relationship where the empath tries to take their power back amid tremendous resistance from the narcissist/energy vampire. Of course this is easier said than done; feeling that potential and liberating that potential takes tremendous courage and work at a time when we’re feeling heavy and even a bit depressed. Saturn is a very patient planet so we don’t have to make these changes overnight, it’s perfectly okay to take baby steps.

Pluto conjunct Jupiter

On the day of the new moon Pluto the planet of death-rebirth, transformation, great change and the underworld will be conjunct Jupiter the planet of faith, optimism and abundance. We can take this quite literally and see a re-birth (Pluto) of our faith (Jupiter).  There can be a great desire to succeed under a Pluto-Jupiter conjunction. Interestingly, the world renowned astrologer Robert Hand addresses a Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in his book Planets in Transit; we’re likely to succeed during this time he says but personal glory should not be our prime motivation.  He goes on to say, we should be working toward something that will benefit society as a whole. This is a great reminder and sentiment as we continue to go through this difficult period.   

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    Denise Welling