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New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

The moon will be new in the earthy sign of Virgo this Thursday, September 17 at 6:00 am CST. New moons occur when the sun and moon are conjunct, meaning they’re in the same sign at the same degree.  In astrology the moon is associated with emotions, moods and reactions while new moons are linked to new beginnings; a time to let go of the past, make wishes and set intentions.  

Virgo is an earth sign meaning it’s a practical and results oriented sign.  Keywords associated with Virgo are organization, work, service, perfection, healing, worry, anxiety and criticism.  Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, is the planetary ruler of Virgo.  This month’s new moon in Virgo seems to tap into some of the more important themes we’ve been dealing with in this rollercoaster year; health and anxiety. 

Health has become a major focus this year with the Covid-19 crisis and Virgo is a sign associated with health and healing.  If you’ve slacked off in the self-care department a Virgo new moon can get you back on track.  

Worry and anxiety are the darker manifestations of Virgo energy and as most anyone would agree, we’ve had plenty to worry about in 2020.  However, if we aren’t careful this constant worry can become a bottomless pit.  One of the biggest challenges for Virgo is learning when to surrender and go with the flow.  During this Virgo new moon some of us may need to stop, take a breath and remind ourselves of the things we can and cannot control.  As the infamous Serenity Prayer by Reverend Reinhold Niebuhr goes, God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.  It’s like Zen Buddhism, where you’re taught to practice embracing the present moment, to accept that no matter what is going on, life in this moment is exactly as it should be. 

The New Moon & the 12 Signs

Since the sun and moon are conjunct during a new moon (in the same sign at the same degree) it will light up and place special emphasis on a particular part of your chart.  Find your sign below and see which astrological house is most important for you during this Virgo new moon. 

Aries:  The new moon occurs in your 6th House placing special emphasis on your work and your health.  Thinking of a new job?  Where are you with self-care?

Taurus:  The new moon places special emphasis on your 5th House of self-expression, creativity, romance and play.  What are you dying to express?

Gemini:  The new moon in Virgo lights up your 4th House of family, home and emotions.  Thinking about moving, remodeling or decorating your living space?  Investing time and energy in the place you call home.

Cancer:  The new moon places special emphasis on your 3rd House of communication and education.  You’re in a learning curve right now.  What do you want to study?  Are you thinking about taking a class? Learning something new?  What do you need to say?

Leo:  The new moon occurs in your 2nd House of money and values.  The focus is on your finances and what is truly important to you right now.

Virgo:  The new moon occurs in your 1st House of self and identity.  You take the emphasis off others and place it on yourself.  What do I want right now?  You’re trying to get your bearings.

Libra:  The new moon lights up your 12th House.  The special emphasis is on some alone time, reflection and meditation.

Scorpio:  This new moon places special emphasis on your 11th house of friends, associates and your hopes and wishes.  Where am I headed?  Instead of focusing on short term goals you focus on your dreams.

Sagittarius:  The new moon lights up your 10th house of career and public recognition.  Are you in the right career?  What do you feel you’re meant to do in this life?

Capricorn:  The new moon lights up your 9th House of travel, higher education and adventure. Stuck in boring ruts and routines?  It may be time to shake it up and take a risk.

Aquarius:  The Virgo new moon lights up your 8th House of mystery, death and deep psychological complexes.  Given the opportunity you’ll try to avoid facing your fears. It may be time to face the very thing you’re trying to avoid.

Pisces:  This new moon lights up your 7th house the part of your chart that deals with relationships and marriage.  How can I be me without losing myself in a relationship?  One of the most important questions a Pisces will ask in this life.
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